Danger! Part 112

Its been a long time since updating this series. After months, Months, of waiting to get inspiration, it took 1 night of hanging out with tiger to get, I finally wrote out the chapter.

and yes it is a long one!

Danger 112 “who is up for coffee?” Namjoon asked looking around the room. “Uhm namjoon you know its almost 11 at night right?” Jimin stared at him with a strange expression. “Coffee?” Eliza perked up looking right at him with a grin on her face. “you two have been drinking already though” Jimin rolled his eyes. “how do you figure that?” Belle tilted her head in confusement.  Neither one of the girls had been drinking, sure they acted silly and alright from an outside perspective it would seem like they had been, especially with the conversation the guys had walked in on. It wasnt the case, that was just them having fun and goofing around. “I havent had a drop of booze tonight” Eliza said. “but-” namjoon cut Jimin off. “Havent you walked in on crazier conversations or situations enough times to know this is just how these two are?” Namjoon questioned. Jimin thought about it, thinking of how many random things happened without alcohol and he laughed.  Vibrant laugh that shook his body. “Your right, your right” Jimin laughed trying to get himself under control again. “So coffee?” Eliza repeated standing up now. “We are out of coffee grounds Eliza “ Belle commented making Eliza pause and stare wide eyed at her friend. “Since when?” her voice sounded horrified by this news. “this afternoon, I made the last pot for lunch, I figured we would stop by a coffee shop tomorrow and grab coffee grounds there” Belle shrugged. The group of guys knew Eliza well,  they were inching towards the door, practically walking backwards into one another. It took eliza a moment of staring at Belle before Belle burst out laughing. A second later Eliza burst out laughing and it was as if that tense moment from a second ago let out a sigh of relief. “Coffee” suga mumbled amd turned to the door and walked out. “wait! Wait! I want to go to!” Eliza noticed him leaving and called out to him. “Come on my little coffee addict lets get coffee with the boys” Belle said pushing Eliza at the group. 30 minutes later! “You said the shop was this way!” Eliza said staring at Tae who had been the good friend to recomend a shop down the street. We had gone in 3 circles around the same block. The Van we were all in had a driver that was getting annoyed with us. “did anyone look up directions?” Namjoon asked. “Yes, it's weird it took us to mapquest, do you know how long its been since I've used mapquest?” Jin said staring at his phone. “the first time it took us to a business building, the second attempt took us to a starbucks that was closed. The third time's a charm!” Jin said in a musical tone. “what's the place called again?” Belle asked. “Expresso IQ. They are supposed to be open until midnight” Tae said, his face was pressed to the window as he looked out at the street to better see. Belle pulled out her phone and tried to find it, to no luck. “hey there's a bookshop that has a coffee bar why don't we just go there” Namjoon suggested as we passed a big bookstore on a street corner. Eliza was tapping the driver on the shoulder to pull over even before anyone agreed. He stopped the Van and Eliza threw the door open and stepped out, suga was on her heels as they went inside not bothering to see if anyone else was following. Before Eliza ran into the revolving door Suga was there opening the side door for her to walk through safely. “you don't do well with the spinning doorways “ Suga reminded her making eliza laugh. “thank you!” eliza said patting his shoulder as she passed. It was just the two of them inside, the others were probably at the van still. It was the first moment alone together with suga since he confessed to her. The thought crossed her mind clouding out thoughts of coffee. Instead she found herself staring at Suga. At yoongi.  He was good to her, very sweet and caring but in a subtle way. As she stared at him dazed out thinking of all the good qualities about him Eliza didn't realize that he was staring back at her now. Blinking hard eliza looked away flustered, she really got caught staring at him. “Are you ready to order” someone interrupted the moment and suga stepped up to the counter. “yes, we'll have a large mocha latte and a large black coffee with extra sugar” Suga ordered, it took her a second to realize he ordered for me. He paid and was getting change back by the time Eliza pulled out her card to pay. “you didn't have to do that” she said thoughtfully. “Its fine, that is what you like right?” he asked making her laugh. “yes yes it is thank you” She said. “you two ran in here so fast!” Belle was standing next to her as the rest of the group followed her. “You people are so slow” Eliza rolled her eyes. “and thanks Joonie for pointing this place out” Eliza turned and Namjoon was on her other side. “No problem, Im glad I spotted it” His eyes twinkled. He went up to the counter and ordered his drink and the rest started placing orders. Eliza was looking around and realized she recognized this place. Namjoon had stumbled on her here what seemed like forever ago. She was huddled in a corner with a stack of books next to her, namjoon had sat next to her and they had read in a comfortable silence. After they had walked around and talked about what they were reading and interested in. Eliza liked how he could be intelligent and yet still learning more. He read all different genres like her.  Once more she stood there dazed thinking about Namjoon now. When warmth was pressed to her face she was startled and suga pulled the cup away. “you dazed out,  you must really need this coffee” suga grinned making me smile. “thank you” she accepted the cup from him and we went to sit down. “you like this place?” Suga asked. “it's a bookstore Plus coffee. Yes” Eliza said grinning. Suga was talking as she took a sip of coffee than let out a moan of ecstasy as she tasted the coffee, it was as if she had been starved for it. Suga stopped talking and stared at her. Eliza continued making noises as she drank half the come in under a minute “Are you seriously making those noises for your coffee?” Belle plopped down next to Eliza. “Oh god its so good” Eliza sighed.   “I could hear you over by the counter,  you are so loud” Belle laughed. “I've waited all day for coffee” she sighed still holding the cup close to her mouth. “this is my adult sippy cup” Eliza said making belle laugh. “I thought that was a wine glass” Belle said. “That's an adult sippy cup, this is my get through a day sippy cup” Eliza said. She was almost done with the cup and the warmth was going away. “How long since you've had coffee?” Suga asked. Eliza thought for a moment. “Well I had a late start today so somewhere between 12 and 1” Eliza said. “ so you've gone 10 hours without coffee” Belle laughed and since Eliza was sipping her hot coffee she choked. Suga was laughing as well at this news. “Its been so long” Eliza said. She had finished her cup and was now turning it upside down to make sure it was empty. “Did you really just finish it all?” Belle wondered bewildered. “you know normal people our age would be going out at this time to get alcohol” Belle said as Eliza was inching towards belles cup. “yea, but we aren't normal people amd besides coffee out wins booze on all counts” Eliza said as Belle slapped at her hand. “my coffee, you finished yours to fast” belle said laughing. Eliza was now eyeing suga’s cup in front of him. She wondered if she could get his cup away from him. “Dont even think about it” suga said knowing what she was thinking. “But, mine is all gone” Eliza pouted. “Unlike some people Im going back to the studio to work after this. I need my coffee” Suga said. “what will you be working on?” belle asked as a coffee cup was placed in front of Eliza.  Namjoon had set a cup in front of her. Eyes wide she stared at the coffee. “I didnt know you already ordered but I got you a white chocolate latte” Namjoon said “I love you” Eliza cooed at the coffee reaching out for it. Belle knew exactly what Eliza was talking to making her laugh and choke on her own coffee. The guys on the other hand didnt know. “What was that?” Namjoon said. “I bought you coffee first” Suga narrowed his eyes on her. She was still in her own world. Picking up the cup she said it again than took a sip. “Guys she's talking to the coffee” Belle said between deep breaths she needed after laughing so hard. “oh” the two sounded disappointed. “hey belle, care to look around with me?” Tae asked coming over to the table “sure” Belle stood and went with him. Namjoon took a seat that Belle vacated.   “Second cup, I think shes going to be up all night” Namjoon said. “Eliza do you want to go to the studio after this with me?” suga asked. “Yes, I want to hear what your working on” she nodded vigorously “Or you could take a walk with me. There is supposed to be a midnight showing at the park. Im not sure what movie is playing though” Namjoon offered. “I dont think I could sit that still or quiet for a movie” Eliza scrunched up her face. “Well we could burn it off with the walk” He pointed out. “uhm “ she was put into a decision with these 2. Hang out with suga at the studio or a long walk and movie outdoors with Namjoon. “You'll be sitting in a studio with me I'm not sure how much energy you'll burn off with that” suga shrugged as if his offer wasn't as good as Namjoons. “They are both good offers” Eliza said scrunching up her nose. “So what do you want to do?” Namjoon asked. He was in a really talkative mood tonight. Sipping on her coffer Eliza thought about it. Before she could answer Jin and J hope sat down by Suga and Jimin sat on the other side of Eliza. “where did kookie go?” Eliza asked looking at Jimin. “He went to hunt down Belle and Tae” Jimin answered. “why aren't you?” she asked which had him shrugging. “I'd be the fourth wheel” Jimin said. “which would make it even and make you all a vehicle” Eliza nodded as if she was the only one to understand her own words. “It's worse than a third wheel” Jimin said making me laugh. “What were you two doing before this?” Jin asked changing topics.  It launched Eliza into explaining the game dirty minds, which had them thinking that they would be horrible at the game, which they were. By the time coffee cups were empty Suga got up and said that he was going to head back first.   “okay bye,” “ dont stay out too late” “, sleep on the couch if you get tired do not attempt to leave the building on your own “ The last comment was said by Jin, always the parent and looking out for the others. “Wait” Eliza stood up “You mind I join you. I have a few things to do at the studio I could be working on” Eliza said. “Yea, sure” Suga nodded. Namjoon was staring at her hurt “thanks if you guys can tell Belle I'll appreciate that” she made her way around Jimin and followed suga out of the shop.

alright Im handing it back over to@SugaKookieV and maybe she will fill in some gaps. (please please Im curious what Belle tae anf kookie are doing!)

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