Vingle Guide: Meet Your New Interest Page!

Hello Vingle Fam!

There has been a recent update regarding the Interest page here on Vingle!

Now, when you go to one of your interests, you will see a new layout and new tabs on your screen. In order to make the change as easy as possible, here's a quick walk through of what's new!

First things first, let's learn about Interests and Communities!

Wondering what that ‘CMTY’ next to your favorite Hashtag is? That indicates a Community. A Community is an Interest that has a council taking care of it. That means a President, Editors, and many other roles have volunteered to keep the community active and fun! Interests are hashtags that don’t have a community council organized for them. Both Interests and Communities are great places to share and interact with people who love what you love, so check them all out!

And now, let us be the first to welcome you to The Commons!

What Is The Commons?

Many places in our society use the word Commons to describe a meeting place where people can trade ideas, art, and goods. From university campuses to marketplaces, political bodies to communal farming. The Commons is place where people and ideas come together and make something bigger than themselves.

On Vingle, the Commons is where all parts of your Interest meet. You can easily view Talk, Q&A, Cards, related Interests, and other Vinglers who follow the Interest. See the latest conversations happening in Talk, browse some trending Cards, and see if you can answer any questions in the Q&A! The Commons is where it all happens!

What's Up With The Cards?

In the next tab on the new Interest page you will see Cards. When you open this tab you will see that you can now sort the interest's Cards by Recommended and Recent. You an also easily post a Card from this tab!

Hit the red "plus" button at the bottom right and write your Card as usual. If you write a card from this tab, you don't need to add an interest! It is automatically selecteed for you. If you're in the Kpop community tab, it will go into Kpop, if you're in the Funny tab, it will be published to Funny! Just write and share with the community :)

Let's Talk...

Vingler's interest to Talk

Talk is filled with fun new features.

- A button that makes it easy to scroll to the beginning of the messages so you can catch up on the conversation.

- Send an explosion of hearts for all members of the chat to see when you really love a Talk message.

- Turn notifications for a Talk on and off to stay up to date.

- Add an image as the first message and it will be displayed as the main Talk image!

Are You Curious?

The final tab is the Q&A tab, which won't change too much with this update. Here is where you can ask anything related to the Interest and get feedback from your fellow Vinglers! We're a supportive community so don't be afraid to ask for help with a new camera in Photogrphy, or advice on love in Love and Relationship. Get the answers to all your curiosities!

Thank you for getting to know the new Interest features and we're excited for your feedback!

Really exciting changes are coming up next! You wanted moderators back? They're on their way ;)

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The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
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