ATTENTION ALL IKONICS(Possibly a lengthy Card) : 2018 The Year of IKON 🙏❤

Hey yall its Liyah here again! I swear this is possibly my last card for the evening lol! Forreal though Ive been a little busy and not really on top of things so Id like to first apologize for that. Secondly Id like to just say thank you to my team squad for always keeping me on my toes, coming up with wonderful ideas , and just having patience with me as well as faith. So thank you! Now that that is out the way let's get into this card.

So I'll start off by saying that since like late December or maybe January. My besties Sam, Sol andI were talking about how 2018 would be the year of our boys and boyy did they prove us right! IKON has literally been on fire since the drop of Love Scenario , not that they weren't fire before but yall know what I mean. It was truly like world stopping moment when IKON got their first win! I know for me when I saw that I actually cried tears of joy for our boys because they deserved it,they always have. But it seems one win wasn't just the end of it. As you can see above Love Scenario has had 9 wins thus far! If that aint something I dont know what is lol. Im just so unbelievably proud of them.

After their first win lots of articles started coming out praising our boys and it made me even more happy to just see how much love and praise that they were getting for their hard work.

And as if things couldn't get even more exciting, they added a digital release of Rubber Band along with a dance practice mv! I don't know about yall but I was beyond dead at this point and IKON just piled it on.

Check the Rubber Band Dance Practice on V LIVE:


All credit for gifs/pics/videos/art go to the rightful owners*@AkiraCornett

Name is Liyah. Some of my favorite groups are IKON, GOT7, EXO, Monsta x, Seventeen, Twice, and Pentagon. I'm mutli-fandom and always looking for new friends and new groups/artist.
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