Game Of Touch-Kim Seokjin ||Ch 1||


I gulped nervously as I approached him to say our farewell, with a blank expression I couldn't help but to gauck over the perfect man next to me.

'I..I just wanted you to know I love you--'I practiced one last time, moving closer since this was the perfect chance to tell him exactly what I had to let out of my chest once and for all. 

Its a burden, long enough to kill someone in the most agonizing of ways.

Now we were steps away face to face, he looked down at his watch then up at me, with a smile... I melted.

"Um...can we talk-" I asked before I was rudely pulled by some family members. 

"Get together everyone. Yea, move closer to the bride. Fantastic.... great and you...." I looked to my left, the sun's rays gleamed over him, making his light brown eyes sparkle.

"you over there....yes you, get close to the groom" the photographer pointed my way. Signalling me with his hand to move closer.

He squinted his eye as he looked through the camera lense to focused in on the lovely couple.

'why am I here, I got better things to do', I huffed with annoyance as I dragged my feet closer to the groom, avoiding any awkward eye contact with the bride. A lovely petite bruinette with fair skin, almond shapes eyes with the iris a honey color which made heads turn as she walked in a room. 

"Just a little bit closer" were his last words before the flash Of the camera went off. Cheers and roots coming from both sides of the newly formed family.  

'God I hate taking pictures' I scrunched my nose in disgust, crossing my arms in retaliation as I walked off the platform where everyone was still smilling and cheering for the newly weds.

I'm not photogenic. Nor am I pretty.... but I have to suck it up, since I was his guest. Its not like he forced me to be here. 

It was my my professor's wedding. I tried my best not to show how I felt, how much it hurt, how much it pained to see him off with another female. 

After all he was only.... my professor.

These unholy thoughts and emotions were never suppose to be more than just thoughts. 

"Hani" he called with his soothing silky voice resonating thought the empty corridor. 

I picked up my pace trying to get further away from him. Wiping some tear away with the back of my hand. I didn't want him to see me crying. It was the last thing he wanted...specially today.

That's why he made me promise I wouldn't which I agreed to up until this very moment. I tried to be strong and head to the guest room they provided for me, located at the far end of the house. 

Rushing to get through the crowd of unknown familiars, but no one noticed, it's as if I weren't there. They were too busy chatting amongs each other to notice my face filled with distraught. 


"....oh excume me"

"..sorry" I repeated as I tried getting into the other side of the house where there was absolutely no one. 'almost there'. I reached the room immediately slamming the door behind me. 

Letting all the tears fall, gasping for air through sobs staining my dress with black mascara and heavy makeup. 

"Hani please open.." 

"I had to Hani...please open up"


The door knob stopped moving, and the knocks went silent. My name stopped coming out of his mouth. 

I dragged my lifeless body to the left side of my bed. Sitting at the edge, admiring the framed photo at the nightstan. 


He unexpectedly grabbed me by my waist. "Get close " he said smiling more than he usually would. 


" oh... Um okay " I answered shyly hiding my face from his view. taking out his camera he wanted to conserve a moment like this by taking a picture of us.

He has been back for summer break. Promising to take me to this special spot he found while out with his then girlfriend. Now here we are. 

"Say cheese" bringing the camera up to an angle where both of us looked up. I smiled for the picture when I felt a sudden warm and wet sensation pressing his soft plump lips against my cheeck.

                            ----End Of Flashback---

'...ah so you took her there too' I looked at the pramed photo one more time before Throwing it on the floor, inevitably causing it to shatter. 


A continuous ring startled me. My eyes shot open rapidly moving, slowly adjusting to the darkness in the room. 

"Hello?..." I voiced in a cold monotone, aquinting from the bright screen. 

"Aww.. was my gorgeous girl taking a nap" Jimin answered with a sweet playful baby voice. 

"Uh..yeah. Sorry I couldn't call earlier ...time went by and before I knew, it was late..." I said, sitting up from the stiff bed. 

"Its alright, I wanted to check up on know just in case you missed me while at the stay with your parent's" 

My throat dried up. A week before I drove all the way here... I lied to Jimin. My boyfriend who was excited to meet my parents once again but I instantly stopped him. I've told him this wasn't going to be a fun trip, that I was going for some important business I couldn't disclose. 

He believed it... 


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