HelloDoc - A Revolutionary Concept That Is A Reality Now!

The latest technological advances in India and elsewhere in the recent times have indeed made a paradigm shift in the healthcare sector. The high-speed telephony and broadband has indeed obliterated the distances and made distant treatment possible.

As India happens to be the geographical entity of a proportion of a subcontinent, providing medical care in the remote area has always been a challenge. More often than not the patients in far off locations in hills and other remote areas do not get proper consultation let alone treatment. Sometimes when they reach the nearby health center or hospital it is already too late.

Doctor on call

To address the problem of affordable healthcare and with a will to provide affordable medical treatment using the modern technology, a few likeminded doctors came together and thus the concept of distant consultation through the internet was born. It is a concept which has been a hit from day one. In this program anybody can call up and ask a doctor about any problem he or she might have. The concept is unique as it uses modern technology thus reducing the cost of operations and facilitating the services.

HelloDoc is a tele-app healthcare

The beauty and indeed the USP of the Hello Doc is that it is very cost effective and does away with the waiting for hours for a doctor’s appointment. The service is especially beneficial for people with the constraint of time and money and to those living in remote areas.

Hello Doc addresses two very basic problems of Indian healthcare, one the lack of specialists and expert doctors in the country especially in the small town which often leaves people on the mercy of quacks and ill-qualified doctors;the Hello Doc doctors are not only well trained but specialists in their field and have years of experience behind them.

The second thing Hello Doc addresses is the affordability of the healthcare. It is determined to provide cost-effective healthcare to the patients. Its membership program, in fact, gives as much as 25% discounts to the members.

The patients can directly speak to the concerned doctor and get instant consultation. HelloDoc is working towards bringing stakeholders on one platform and offering cost-effective medical care for the citizens of India, a concept which would revolutionize the healthcare in India.

I’m Yashi from India. Writing is my passion and have been writing for the last 8 years on various niche and industries.
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