Monthly Tea Subscription and Benefits

Are you a tea lover? Do you think that tea is that elixir which can solve all the problems? Does tea give you that extra energy and vigor to work doubly hard? Does the aroma of tea, bring a big, bright smile across your face? Do you think that tea is any day better than coffee, and is a much more hardcore beverage? Does tea act as a soup for your soul? Well, if most of your answers are in the affirmative, then you must register on the Teafloor website and opt for the monthly tea subscription right away. A monthly tea subscription will help you in selecting your preferred choice of tea and get recurring delivery of it on a monthly basis. It is also very easy on the pocket as you will be able to club many offers with your tea subscription box. It is an excellent way of getting your tea stock replenished in time, rather than running to the tea shop, every time you realize you have run out of your favorite brew.

Why Teafloor

Well, good quality tea is really difficult to find, and the worst part is when the tea you purchase from a store does not give you the same flavor and aroma, which you expect from it. Teafloor has a panel of experts, who supervise the selection of teas, they hand pick the best quality leaves so that their customers are always satisfied with their services. The company has worked tirelessly to make sure that the tea received by the customer's is top notch. When you opt for a monthly tea subscription, then the deal becomes all the sweeter. Reason being, the many offers, and discounts clubbed together, to help you procure your tea box subscription at a really affordable price point. The quality is impeccable, and you can choose from different varieties of black tea subscription box, green tea subscription box, Darjeeling tea subscription box and much more.

The variety

tea of the month club box

Advantages of tea box subscription

• You will receive a goody bag of tea every month

• The pricing of the tea is very competitive, considering the quality you receive

• You will be able to sample different varieties of teas

• The tea is easy to procure and you will not have to restock it

•You can place your order from the comfort of your home, make a one-time payment and get recurring deliveries every month.

Teafloor is an online tea shop which is set out to improve the quality, freshness, and authenticity of the tea you purchase by offering you with choices that are rarely seen in the tea market.
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