White Day with OneJunn

Hello Royal Family! I bring you my date with OneJunn on White Day. I am really excited to tell me story, so shall we being.......

There is a knock at the door, I run to open it. I am excited and have been waiting all day for my White Day date with oneJunn. I take one more look in the mirror to check my hair, make up and outfit.

I am looking good in my outfit. I go to open the door and all I can see is this...

All of a sudden I see the bear lowering and I see the face and it is OneJunn.

Awww, I say and I take the bear and invite OneJunn in. I set the bear on the couch. I tell OneJunn that I am ready for out date. He grabs my hand and we head kto the door. This is what he is wearing. He looks so sharp and handsome.

We get in the car and he drive us to his place.

It is so nice and next to the beach. He tells me he has something special in store. He tells me we will be having our date on the beach. As we pull into the drive and walk to the back towards the beach, I see light, table and candles.

As you all know OneJunn can cook, so he had dinner for the two of us looking out at the beach. I was so surprised and amazed. After dinner he tells me that this is not all that he has for me. In his hand was a box and flowers.

Inside the box was a necklace, that was a heart with both our initials in the middle. I started crying and he pulled out the necklace and put it on around my neck. He then pulls me close and gives me a hug. When I thought there could not be any more.....

He pulls out his guitar and sings a song that he wrote for me. This was such a special day. This is one day I will not forget. Happy......

What do you think of my White Day with OneJunn? Would you be happy? Please comment and let me know. Until next time, stay Royal!


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