College Affairs Ch.7

Who: Park Jaebeom x Reader What: Smutmance ( inbred child of Romance and smut) Story: Ordinary girl. Ordinary Guy. And sweet sweet drama. Y/N's POV As soon as my father said I was going to be Kiseok's future bride I got pissed off. Well, after the initial shock wore off. I admit my actions so far since I found out about my Uncle haven't been the best but I never agreed to this. I looked at Kiseok and he seemed thoroughly embarrassed. His hand was on his head and he was looking as if he didn't know what to say about this entire situation. "Well, I guess now I know why you look so familiar." he sighed. "Who decided that I would be his wife?" I looked at them annoyed. "We did sweetie. That's why we were at your house. We were trying to prepare you for the party so you two could meet." my mother said. I looked at her baffled by how simple and easy she thought this situation was. This wasn't a normal match up. This was something else entirely and I was pissed off. "What the fuck?" I snapped. Jay grabbed my arm and kept me steady, "Easy Y/N." he said. "Are you two seriously that mental? How do you think you have the right to arrange my marriage to anyone?" I seethed. I kept my voice at an appropriate level but god I wanted to scream their heads off. They were such assholes how could they be my parents! My father looked at me and said, "Darling you weren't going anywhere with your life anyway. By the time you finish your bachelor's degree you'll be able to get married to Kiseok." "You two are missing the part where you didn't fucking tell me about it. You can't just decide my life for me especially since you've had nothing to do with it for the past twenty years." "Y/N who do you think paid Hye-Jin and her husband to take care of you?" my mother said. I turned to Jay. "I'm going to strangle her." I seethed. He was looking at her with disgust, far more than I thought was necessary. Although, they were unreasonable as hell so they deserved it. I turned back to them, "I'm getting my major in business just because it's not what you wanted does not mean that I'm not doing anything with my life. Aunt Hye-Jin and Uncle Seunghyun encouraged me to go to school for what I wanted to do. They loved me, protected me, they looked out for me. THEY are my parents not you so don't you ever think you can sell off my soul like I have no say in it. I don't belong to you. I never did." I turned to storm off and Jay followed behind me. The nerve of these people, I was absolutely livid. Most parents would be proud of their child going to college and getting their degree and to them I was wasting time. I wonder if they knew what was happening with my Uncle. I wonder what they did to fake that they cared about what was going on. It was pissing me off. I got outside and the night air wrapped around my arms. I had wiped my face with my hands. I was stressed out and annoyed. Kiseok really did seem like he didn't know I was out of the loop but why would someone as good looking as him go along with an arranged marriage anyway? "Y/n." Jay called from behind me. I turned to look at him and he came and cupped my cheek. "Look, Kiseok didn't know okay. They didn't even tell him your name that's why he never put two and two together until your parents walked up." he tried to explain. "Why is he doing this?" I asked. "It's just a business deal to him Y/n. He's been talking with your parents company for three years but because they're a family company and they want it to stay with the family they told him he had to marry into it." "Marry their daughter and become an in-law, he would inherit what apparently would belong to me. I guess now I know why my dad wanted me to be in IT." I sighed. Jay just hugged me. I needed a hug. This was all so crazy. The business world is way too small for Kiseok to not only be my friend's boss but also be the guy my parents tried to set me up with. I can't believe all of this was happening to me. Actually, it shouldn't have been a surprise considering who my parents were. They were lower than I gave them credit for. "Look, I'm not saying I want you to marry my friend and boss but Kiseok is a decent guy. He only sees this as a business deal but he was only going to go though with it if you were okay with it." Jay explained. "I'm not. Not with any of this, how do they think they have the right to sell my life off like that? They know nothing about me they didn't even ask me. It might be different if they raised me at least then I could just expect them to do this but I was completely blind sided." Jay just looked at me like he could sympathize but he didn't entirely know how I was feeling. He looked like he wished he did or at the very least he wanted to take it away. This sense of betrayal and pain, it was frustrating. "I don't even know how to process this." I said. No doubt they would bother me to try and finish the deal. They would try and pressure me into marrying a man I didn't know and didn't want to be married to. Honestly, I have never dreamed of being married. I never wanted to. I never planned to. I don't know if they ever thought of that. Now that I think about it though all that hinting around they did about me having someone in my life made sense. That's hardly preparation for a "hey here's your husband" kind of surprise. To be honest, I did agree to come to Jay's party to avoid them, I lied and told them I wasn't feeling well, I suppose they relayed that message to Kiseok since he didn't seem to be expecting me. What kind of deal was this that they didn't even tell him my name? Kiseok was good looking no doubt, he was right along side Jay but that didn't mean much to me. I'm not a wife or rather I'm not the type to become one. There's expectations with becoming a wife especially the wife of a CEO. How much attention would be on me, would be annoying and what would they think about his foreigner wife? No, that was too much to handle, and they would've known that if they had asked me. If they had forewarned me. If they had so much as acted like my parents rather than my owners. They didn't have the right to marry me off to some man I didn't know. I may have had the luck of him knowing Jay but I didn't know him and that was the problem. Well, that was just one of the problems. "Do you want to go home?" Jay asked. I sighed, it would be really bad for me to throw a tantrum and have him leave. Some how I get the feeling if I said yes he won't let me leave alone. I'm pretty sure I can cause some separation between us during the night and catch a cab home. I know he wanted me to come here with him so we could hang out as friends but I'm sure he knew how this was fucking with me. I looked up at Jay after staring at the ground for so long and I could see waiting in his eyes. There was something in them that seemed different. I wasn't sure what it was but it just made me feel different. Jay's a little too aggressive for my taste. I'm straight forward but he likes to push when it comes to things he wants. I've gotten too used to giving in. "We can stay. Let's just keep some distance between them." I said. "They'll probably try and separate us so you can talk with Kiseok alone." "They'll only come back when they want to. I doubt after that they'll be interested in talking with me. Maybe once they've convinced Kiseok into talking to me again." I shrugged. Jay looked away almost as if he were distressed. I looked at him confused, "What's the matter with you?" I asked. "Hm? Oh it's just- Kiseok isn't the type to give up when it comes to business. Even if he doesn't want to force you to go through with the deal, he might push for you to reconsider." "How is that not forcing?" "Well, it's not like he's going to kidnap you and marry you in secret but he's persistent. Business is Kiseok's pleasure. Honestly, I don't know if he sees sex as a urge to kill every once in a while or if he actually likes it. The guy's a little odd but it's what got him this far." Jay said. He seemed like he both admired and didn't like Kiseok's methods. I guess he was looking out for me. I could appreciate that on some level. I could be easily pushed into things if someone bothered me enough. I've never wanted to get married though. Surely there was something that would be involved in marrying him. Sex I didn't mind but I've only slept with Jay. I've never actively sought it out and, even when little urges come over me, it's nothing I can't handle on my own. I'm not sure how he'd measure me as a wife or even what he's expecting. I wonder how much Jay has said about me to him. I wonder if he's already got some insight on who I am. I feel like my parents are plotting something even deeper. Soon they'll be pressuring me to have a family with this guy just to make it look good in the public. That wouldn't look well for Jay to just stop by to fuck me whenever he wants. I suppose he'd stop because Kiseok is his friend and he knows what that would risk for the both of them. It would be weird not having unexpected visits by Jay just to sleep with me and then slip out in the middle of the night. "All I'm saying is Kiseok may try and talk to you again about this deal your parents made with him and he may create a convinceing argument to get you to go along with it. So just be aware of it and becareful. You CAN say no if you really don't want to." he warned. "Would it bother you that much if he did convince me?" I asked. I don't know, something about his demeanor and how he was talking about it made him seem off. He's just off. I think he hates this more than I do. He looked down at me, "Hm? Why should it bother me? We're not really together so you can do whatever you want." "Yeah but he's your friend and he's a CEO, I can't imagine he'd enjoy me and you sneaking off to sleep with each other." "Yeah he'd hate it but that would be exciting don't you think?" he grinned. He scooped me up closer to him and took my hand in his. My other hand rested on his shoulder while he began to sway to an imaginary beat. He smiled while we danced and said, "We could have a little affair behind the scenes. It'll all start right here." I gave him an annoyed look. Clearly he wasn't thinking about stopping our little affair. That however, wasn't what annoyed me. "Hey. Jay I was only speaking hypothetically. I never said I agreed to such a ridiculous deal. Don't go fantasizing about stupid stuff." He lightly chuckled but something was off about it. He really didn't seem to like the idea of me marrying him. Why did he seem so sure that Kiseok would convince me? I admit I can give into enough pressure but I'm also stubborn. Maybe he's afraid it won't be Kiseok that convinces me but I'll eventually give in to my parents will. That's a bit more likely but I still have plans of my own and I'm stubborn enough not to give that up. "I'm just preparing. Kiseok does his research. What he doesn't already know about you from me and the little your parents have given him, he'll find out more." he said. "Why does that bother you so much though? Is it him? Or me?" I asked. He looked at me and was about to say something but stopped. He stepped up to me after I created a little distance, he cupped my cheek gently and then kissed me. Even his kiss was different, I didn't like what was going on with him. I tried to deepen the kiss a little to see if he'd change it and I felt his hand slip down to my neck and his thumb press down on my throat a little to make me light headed. I pulled back but he pressed deeper against my lips. I grabbed onto his jacket and he wrapped his arm around my body. He pulled me in deeper to him. "Nice kiss." a voice from behind Jay said. I pulled away and opened my eyes. Jay turned around fixing his face from annoyance to a smile. "Mintaek, I was wondering when I'd see you." Jay said almost begrudgingly. Even Mintaek caught on to that. He's not normally like this, I've never really known Jay to be an ass. He's kind of pushy sometimes but he's hardly ever rude, especially to his friends. He seemed so annoyed now and I think it had everything to do with Kiseok. He was really worried about him convincing me but why did that matter so much to him? Was there something Kiseok had promised him that he was afraid my parents company would take from him? Hyukwoo did tell me Jay had a project in the making. Actually that's why he had been wanting me to include someone else in my idea. He had later told me that Jay would be able to help but I didn't want Jay knowing about my idea. Hyukwoo swore he never told him a thing about it but he did tell him to talk to me. Jay knows me well enough to know if I want to talk about it I will. That's probably why he didn't ask. "Hi there, I'm Oh Mintaek." he said stepping up to me. I gave him a smile and bowed politely, "I'm Han Y/N." I introduced myself. "I know, Seonghwa has been vividly describing you from head to toe." he chuckled. "I'm afraid we didn't get to talk long." I told him. He nodded, "Yeah I heard old stiff face dragged you off before he could get your number," he laughed "Seonghwa likes to flirt, don't pay him too much attention but he was right, you're beautiful. I can see why Jay has his hands all over you." he finished. His statement was more of an observation because Jay had definitely, at one point while me and Mintaek were talking, pulled me closer to him and kept his hand firmly on my waist. He's being kind of possessive with me. If he was going to be this defensive why did he invite me in the first place? Then again, this behavior didn't really start until it was revealed that his boss was trying to marry me. This all sucks, I don't even know much about my parents company. Aside from it being a family owned business, it branches out in a lot of different department like Kiseok's company. It seemed odd for them to go into bed with each other, so to speak. He said something about how the profit splits and I slightly wanted to know what was. What department was he trying to merge with anyway? Mom was in medicine and she had built up a practice in America. My dad was in foreign affairs with his tech but majority of their time was spent in America. Mom didn't even stay at her practice she opened up massage buildings nation wide and was working on other projects as well. What they were my Aunt never told me, she just said that's why they were always so busy. Maybe that's why they were settling on this deal with Kiseok to have someone manage dad's company in Korea. I don't know it all seemed so complicated, when it came to business I focused on more local things rather than world wide. "I'm just protecting her." Jay grinned but it was almost like he was being a smart ass. Mintaek by passed the grin with a friendly chuckle and said, "From Seonghwa? Don't worry he's had his eyes set on Hyun Jung for a while. She looks good tonight too. I just hope he doesn't go home with her, that spells trouble, he doesn't tend to call back." "You bachelors have such problems." I gave a soft chuckle. Mintaek laughed with me and stepped closer. I felt Jay's hold on me shift more. Mintaek didn't come closer after he noticed. "Are you guys heading back into the party? A drink or two could loosen you up. Besides Kiseok was looking for you two." he said. "Actually we're going to head out. You can tell Kiseok I'll see him in the morning." Jay said. Jay had turned me around and pulled me along with him. Mintaek seemed wildly confused but I was only mildly confused. It either had to do with me or Kiseok but a lot of his aggression seemed to be towards Kiseok. He was kind of possessive when his friends got near me. Jay's never been insecure, he's not the type. No man intimidates him and even he's aware that he can't be everyone's favorite. Jay operates off of good vibes and that's why he seemed so strange now. We got to the car and he drove me home in silence. We were there for about two hours, I suppose it wasn't a bad night but I expected to be there longer. It's not bad though, I don't like parties and putting up a front like that is tiring but I didn't want to make Jay look bad. Kiseok would probably make me go to alot of events like that. I would hate that. There's no way he could convinve me to marry him. We pulled up to my house and I sat in Jay's car for a moment wondering if he'd say something. He barely looked at me. I didn't know what was going on in his mind but I didn't like the way he was acting. I went to leave but he grabbed my hand and kissed the back of it gently. "Can I come in Cupcake?" he asked. Jay you never really ask you just do it. I never argue with you. "Sure." I said. So he followed me to the door and by the time I opened it, the Jay I knew was back. Pushing me through the door with his hands all over my ass.

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