Club Of Lust: Chapter 6

**Warning. Contains Smut**

** A Seungri Smut story.. continues**** A Seungri Smut story.. continues**

She couldn't get Seung-hyun out of her head. the sophisticated shower sent warm water flowing over her body from multiple angles, trying its best to cleanse her mind of the memories. But his strength, his passion, and his mind had invanded her soul.

"DAMN YOU!" she hissed out as she winced in pain.


It wasn't enough, she needed more.

Rayven let out a frustrated sigh as she leaned against the elegant marble walss of the shower. Her hand slipped between her thighs and she inserted two fingers into her pussy, imagining that it was his cocks sliding into her.


She moaned soflty as she imagines him fucking her in a way she trulywished to be fucked. The way he wouldnt do. As pleasurable as the experience ended up being, she couldn't helpbut feel unsatisfied by the entire ordeal. She felt like there had been some crucial element missing from the anal sex. Some closeness or affection that she craved. Rayven wanted to connect with him, but he had used her body as a barrier to thier intimacy.

Dont be stupid Rayven. You dont have time for relationships anyway!! Especially not with men like him!

She ripped her fingers out of her body and smacked the wall with her first. She hated how weak she was being when it came to Seung-hyun. Rayven shouldn't want anything to do with him now, after his threats and coldness, but she couldn't stop herself. Angrily she reachedfor the bottle of shampoo and squeezed a huge amount into her hands and began to rub her hair with it.the scent of the shampoo instantly began to feel better. The sweat that had been collected throughout the night was washing away. The soothing feeling of her fingers kneading her scalp. She sighed a little at the feeling and her mind drifted to Seung-hyun's touch.


"I resemble that remark" A dark voice said from behind her.

Rayven spun around to face the intruder and her eyes narrowed at the sight of Seung-hyun holding the glass door open to the shower. His chest and face were partly obscured by the steamy fog from the hot water and he looked unearthy.

"wha...what are you doing here?!"

"I couldn't stay away from you"

He took a step closer to her. She gulped down some air and crossed her arms over her breasts. His naked muscles rippled as he stepped forward, and her body quivered at the sight of him. She could feel his eyes wandering over her and she felt his hit gaze.

"Seung-hyun" she whispered.

He didnt give her much of a chance to speak as his arms quickly wrappedaround her waist. His lips crashed into hers like a tidal wave and she was so caught up in it that she couldnt breath. Rayven was drowing in his kiss and loved every moment of it. Seung-hyun's passion drowned her with more force than the expensive shower jets and bathed her far more thoroughly. Her arms pulled him closer to her and she slowly traced her fingers up his back.

"Rayven.." he groaned in agony. "I need to have more of you"

His words sent shivers up her spine. Tears pricked the backof her eyes as she began to feel the tiniest twinge of hope.

"I need you too" She clinged to his neck.

It was impossible for her to explain why her body reacted so strongly to him, even as her mind warned her to be careful.

"Stop. I want to make up for earlier"

She looked at him with narrowed eyes, curious as to what he meant . He reached out to the shower rack and picked up a bottle of luxurious body wash and a sponge. He squeezed some of the gel into the sponge, generously coating it before pressing the soft sponge against her chest. With caring in his eyes, he began to lather her body with the foaming gel, drawing pleasurable circles around her breasts. he slid the sponge across her abdomen and over her sides, gently stimulating her skin. Small trails of bubbles formed on her skin as the sponge messaged the gel into her body.

"Such a generous King" She teased as she watched him bathing her.

"You have no idea"

A chuckle escaped his lips as his hands moved over her arms and neck, leaving soapy clouds in patches along her body.

"Then it's good thing I make it my job to always have an idea" She said with a slight moan.

Seung-hyun smiled and then lowered himself to his knees so he could wash her legsw. She started down in surprise, finding heartwarming in the fact that he was confident enoughto take this posture. Her thoughts were distracted byt the sight of the water running over his body in a gorgeousway. She couldn't help admiring his body as he cleaned her flesh. Seung-hyun's touch was so strong and gentle at the same time.

"Your are such a beautiful man."

He looked at her tenderly.

"Thank you for saying so, but your the beautiful one here, Rayven"

Im a fool , damnn him and his hold over me!!

"Why me? Why you want to spent the night with me?"

"I admired how brave you was in stage. You were fearless.

"I wasnt fearless, I just know how to put on a brave face in publlic, in front of strangers"

"An important skill in the business world. You're strong Rayven. Resilient and determined. I admire the way you dealt with my torment and I rather grew to... like you. I want to make it up to you."

He paused and tilted his head to the side as he gazed up at her.

"By fucking me in the ass? Thats a warped way of making it uo to a girl and showing her you like her!"

"Your right , i admit that I dont have the best social graces. Its hard to trust women, especially considering some of my expiernces. Gold diggers, psychos, and just plain heartless bitches. Ive seen it all. Not to mention my ex-wife who ran off to South America with my kid or God knows where!!"

Rayven can feelhis pain in the way his body tensed up when he spoke about his past.

"Seung-hyun.. Im sorry for everything you've been through"

"It'sall over now, Im sorry that I took it out on you. I know that you didnt deserve that"

She rested her cheek against his chest as the water washed over them. She usually didnt care much for apologies, but it somehow meant more coming from a man like him. Seung-hyundid not seem like the type to apologize for anything.

"It's ok, we all have our demons"

Seung-hyun held her close for another moment before returning to massaging her body with the sponge. He dragged it gently over the muscles of her ear, as if trying to ease some of the pain he had caused her. She allowed herself to moan softly, She could get lost in his tender touch.


"Yes my treasure?"

He gently slipped the sponge between her legs, massaging it lightlyn against her pussy. she pressed her body into his chest with a sigh. her soapy skin slipped against him easily and she could feel his erect cock pressing against her stomach.

"has that always been your pet name for the women in your life?"

"No, thats only for you Rayven"

He circled the sponged against her clit in a tantalizing way. She gasped out at the sensation and found her body moving against his cock with desire. She placed her hands on his massive shoulders and looked up at him breathlessly.

"You making go insane, you know that?"

"Its feeling is mutual love"

He laughed lightly as he removed the sponge and uses his fingers instead and then tenderly kissed her neck. the gentle massage caused her body to erupt in need and she began to press herself against himmore urgently.

"Seung-hyun.. that feels wonderful"


He ran his other hand up her back. His strong fingers pressed into her long, wet hair out of her face so that he could look into her eyes. In the next second, he reached around her body and grasped her hips to lift her up off her feet. She yelped at the feeling of being lifted and then she wrapped her legs around him for added support. Rayven could feel his cock against her thigh and she prays that by some miracle, he would give her what she so desperately needed. Tenderly, Seung-hyun pressed his lips against the edge of her lips and her jaw. she wrapped her arms around his neck and clung to him tightly.

"I cant take it no more Seung-hyun"

His arms squeezed around her tightly as he pressed his lips into hersin response. She could feel his need in the intesityof the kiss. It was raw and full of tenderness. it was so passionate that it would have knocked her off her feet if he hadnt already been holding her up.

"Im going to make love to you, Rayven"


She ran her fingers through his hair as she stared at him hungry.

"Please Seung-hyun. please.."

"Shh, my treasure"

He reached down to align his cock with her entrance. Returning his hand to her hips, he lowered her gently down onto hisshaft until the head of his cock penetrated her warm and slick folds. Rayven moaned at the feeling and clung to him tightly. He was drivingher wild with his slow tempo, and she rocked her hips back and forth in an attempt to force him inside of her.

"Seung-hyun, please. Dont make ... dont make wait a second longer. I cant take this!"

"I want to savor every movement of this, my treasure. I havent done this for a long time."

He pressed his face into her neck as he slowly pushed himself inside her . She shuddered as she felt the softness of her body embracing the hardness of his cock. Somehow, the wait had made this momentso much more precious and profound. Her heart and body were melting at the feelings that his closeness released inside her. It felt so right and perfect to have him inside of her and she almost felt like it meant just as much to him. Rayven could feel his shoulders trembling under her hands and it broke her heart. She pressed her lips against his temple in a loving kiss.


He groaned and thrust his hips forward to plunge his engorged member inside herto the hilt. When she cried out and tightened her grip on his shoulders, he lost a little bit of sanity.


He growled in a guttured way before pounding himself into her furiously. Rayven clung to Seung-hyun as he thrust himself into her with the strenthof his whole being. She was beginning to wonder whether she should have been more carefu about what she wished for, because the feeling of his cock filling her inner most places was nearly too much to bear.

She could cope with pain. But how she could cope with paradise?

Her thoughts were being completely erased with his every stroke and her mind was growing blissfully blank. Her body began to move completely on its own and she womdered how she could ever live without him again. The thought of not seeing him again or having him inside of her caused tears to slip out of her eyes. She felt like she had lost allcontrol and she might do anything to keephim in her life for just one more day. Maybe he had been right to avoid having actual sex. The conncetion was too fierce. Too wild. Too powerful.

"Yes Seung-hyun..Fuck me.. fuck!"

He wasted no time in ramming himselfinto hermore roughly. He was possessed with lust and becoming an uncontrollable beast. Her legs tightened around his hips and pulled him deeper into her. She wanted more and more of him. her fingers dug deeper until her nails drew blood from his skin.

His breathing was somewhere between a pant and a growl as he fucked her hard agaisnt the shower wall. Each thrust filled the showerwith loud, wet slapping sound that echoed throughout. Her body shook and trembled against him. Her pussy massaged each vein and ridge of his cock. She could feel him begin to swell inside of her and she rode him harder.

"Come inside of me Seung-hyun"

"I will .. Im going to give you everything you want. Then your going to giove me what i want"

She couldnt really comprehend these words, as she was too drowned by the feeling of his cock pounding her.

"I will do anything , just dont stop"

As if feeding off her energy, he gripped her shoulders tightly and thrust his cock into her with one mighty, mind blowing final thrust. They shared thier bliss, each of them erupting in orgasm. Thier juices mingled withing her body as he pumped his seed into her. her head was throwned back so hard that it smakced the shower wall, but she didnt even feel it as she was lost in her lusts of passion. Her body shurddered in his arms as thier combined fluids dripped down her legs.

"Seung-hyun... that..was incredible"

"No kidding"

"Are you mine now?"

"Completely! Ive broken all my rules with you"

"Rules are emant to be broken. That's theseconfruleof journalism"

"What's the first?"

"The truthis a lie"

"What an interesting rule. i think I know what you mean. I have a similar rule that has served me well in my business. Never take anything at face value and keepan open mind."

He set her down and she smiles.

"Thats a good rule. It sounds nicer. mine makes mesound like a callous bitch"

"I think its what makes you such a damnn good reporter. The truth is that there is nosuch underground club in Korea. You didnt take the truthat face value. Kept an open mind and worked hardto uncover the facts"


She kissed him again, glad that he somehow understood what she had meant. She was glowing in the aftermath of sex and was feeling completely contented now.

"That was amazing, Seung-hyun"

"Likewise, Rayven. Now we should probably get cleaned up"

"Perhaps one more for the road?"

"Your insane" He laughed

"Ypur the one who made me such a wanton woman. Now take responsibility for your actions, your majesty."

"Of course, your highness"

He softly placed his lips descended onto hers.

"mmm, now this I canget used to"

Seung-hyun chuckles.

Its been a while for me to drop this chapter, so to refresh your memories of what is going on,, click below for the other previous chapters:Its been a while for me to drop this chapter, so to refresh your memories of what is going on,, click below for the other previous chapters:

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