The Top and Clara Part 5

omgosh! I kept readers waiting on the next chapter, I am so sorry its taken me a little while to update!!! I'll put up a few chapters through out today to make up for it!

There is not smut in this chapter but a few innuendos to subside with lol

It was a few hours later that I was woken up by Bang. “I can’t do another round. I’m still sore” I said sitting up and feeling the red marks on my ass burn now. Yup, it felt good at the time, later the sting was there and I didn’t like it as much. “No Clara, I brought you a change of clothes. Rose and Belle said they would take you home” Bang said. “Oh Okay” I said taking the clothes. It was a black dress and I slide the soft material on. It was a maxi dress that looked like it was more for lounge ware. “Go on darling, I’ll see you out to them” He said. Bang took me back out of the room, Rose and Belle were waiting at the bar. “Top, is she alright?” Rose asked getting up and coming over to me. I was a little wobbly on the heels, but it was more so because I was still tired. “I'm good” I nodded holding onto her shoulder. “You’ll get her home safely?” Bang was talking to the girls. “Yes Top, we will” Rose nodded. Her hand reached out for him and touched his arm. “thank you for taking our girl on.” she added. He slid out of her grasp nonchalantly and took a step back. “It's not a problem. It’s good to have met her” Bang said. When we got home i was awake enough to know my surroundings and seeing clearly. The girls had made idle chat in the car but I had been waking up a bit and barely responding to them. When we did get to the apartment the three of us ended up sitting on the couch with a glass of wine for them and a water for myself. I hadn’t felt like drinking when I knew I would be going to bed soon. Carefully I thought about asking them about Bang, if they knew anything about him. Questions ran through my head but the only one I really wanted answered was something they could probably answer for me. “why do you call him Top? I never did ask” I broached the subject which made him laugh. “because he’s the dominate” Rose said as Belle gave a low chuckle. “Did he live up to the name?” Belle asked making a blush redden my cheeks. “Do a lot of girls, um do stuff with him?” I asked. I hoped Bang didn’t go around banging the other girls in his employee, but the chances of it I knew were slim. “He’s had several, no one has ever gone all the way with him. At least none of the girls admit to it but its like a given that he does without saying it outloud” Belle said “Don’t feel to singled out about it, and if you don’t want to do anything with him you just have to tell him. There are some girls who have said no to him, not many but some” Rose explained. “Oh, well I won’t feel to special that he’s paying attention to me right now” I said trying to sound like it didn’t hurt to not think I was special. Me and my girly thoughts would just have to take a back seat to feelings. “Does anyone know his actual name? Not his nickname Top or Boss but his name?” I asked. The two of them thought about it for a minute. “No, I don’t think any of us actually know his name, even when we get paid the check is through a third party, so he doesn’t sign them himself” Belle said. Trust them to pay attention to that little detail. “Well I suppose it doesn’t really matter, not when we don’t call him by his name” Rose said. “Get some rest, tomorrow is another day” Belle said running her hand up and down my back in a comforting gesture. “Yea, sleep sounds like a good idea” I nodded. “I don’t work tomorrow at that club, but I do work at the library on campus tomorrow. People will be returning books since tests are over so it’ll be busy” I said standing up. I went to my room and fell into bed. Sleep came easily and I went willing. Work at the school library were ordinary, checking in books and making pleasant talk with the other workers. I was at the front counter the entire time taking and scanning books back in. It wasn’t anything special or glamorous. I saw several people I knew coming in and out. An hour before the end of my shift a guy brought several books back. I grinned knowing the person. “Hi” I said when he stopped in front of me. “Hey, how is working going?” he asked as he handed the stack of books to me. “Steady. Its good though, makes the time go by faster” I shrugged. “How were your classes Mark?” I asked “Glad the tests are over, Economics was my hardest class” Mark said. He had long bangs they fell over his face and he brushed them back showing those bright baby blue eyes at me. I always had a thing for blue eyes like his. Before we were friends I had crushed on him; hard. Once I got to know him and his aloof personality, he made for a good friend but nothing more than that. “I’m so glad I don’t have economics. My hardest class this semester was physiology but sociology was a close second” I shrugged. “I still don’t get why your taking those classes” Mark said as I scanned the books into the system. I shrugged. “Well my goal is to be a Therapist. Those are like 2 basic classes to take” I explained. “Oh yea, you mentioned that before. Guess I forgot” Mark rubbed the back of his neck. “Now that we have a couple weeks off, what are you going to be up to? Going back home?” he asked. “No, I’m sticking around, I have another job lined up that I’ll be doing” I said. “Really? I’ll be sticking around here to! You know I got that apartment off campus” he sounded excited now. “So? Think you want to spend some time, you know, hang out. Just you and me?” He was rambling, rambling a lot getting to the point of his question. I chuckled. “Yea, we’ll have to hang out sometime” I nodded. “Cool, Coffee sometime? Maybe go see a movie? There’s that girly movie, uh 50 shades out” He said. I knew what movie he referred to. It would not be a movie I would want to see with a guy especially a guy friend. “Let's skip the movie” I said, I could see his eyes widen. “I’m not a fan of movie theaters. How about we just meet up for coffee sometime, or walk around town, there's some pretty cool things that I never got around to seeing, have you?” I moved the conversation to other things. I thought a coffee shop that would still be outside would be a better alternative then what he thought I was implying. Talking about places and spots in town was a good topic. We agreed on doing coffee and going on the bike trail over the weekend. As we were talking I had caught someone who had walked into the library and was hanging out in one of the isles right in front of the check out station. Right in front of me. I knew that face, those curls of hair, It was Bang. How had he known where I was? Where I worked. “So say eleven on Sunday” Mark said. “Yea, that sounds good, I’ll be sure to where good walking shoes” I smiled at Mark. He nodded. He moved in a tad to give an arm hug over the counter to me. It was one of those that had his arm wrap just around my shoulders and pull my into the side of him before he pulled away. “See you later” He said before leaving. I let out a breath as Bang stalked over and stood in front of me. He set 2 books in front of me, they were 2 random books that looked like documentary books. “Hello Sir” I said trying to keep my heart beat steady and a grin from crossing my lips. I failed. My heart was erratic and a stupid smile spread across my face. “This is your day job” He made it sound like a statement rather than a question as he looked around. He leaned in very subtle. “Ever have someone say the librarian here is sexy dressed in red” His voice purred, it was velvet against my skin giving me goosebumps. When I reached for the books my hand brushed his and an electric shock went between us. “Is that referring to the shade of wine or this bright red shirt I’m wearing?” I raised a brow removing the books from his hands. I kept my eyes looking down not wanting to meet his eyes yet. I was wearing a red blouse today with a black pin skirt, the red had made me think of last night, the ruby red wine he had spilled against my skin. I suppressed a shiver from showing. “I think you wore this to remember last night” His finger trailed over my arm. I couldn’t hide the shiver from him this time, his touched made me feel things. “As it so happens my favorite color is red” I said trying to cover the fact that my blouse was red, my nails were painted red and not that he could see, but my bra and thong I put on today were red. “I like red on you” He leaned in close, his fingers that had been trailing up and down my arm now wrapped around my forearm and squeezed. “Who was that boy talking to you? Setting up a date” His voice had taken a turn and sounded hard, almost as if he was threatening me in a strange way. “Mark? Just a friend” I said confused. “Rose and Belle are your friends” He said making me laugh out loud. “I have lots of friends” I said pulling away from him. At first he didn’t let go, but a moment later he did. “Am I your friend?” His words were clipped and had an edge to them. “I don’t know? Do you want to be my friend?” I asked crossing my arms over my stomach. “No, I don’t want to be your friend” Again his words were clipped. “Well thats to bad. Friends with benefits was up there on my top 10 things to experience in college” I tsked. ‘I guess I’ll just check mark that with Mark” I said. I wasn’t sure why I said that. The moment it came out of my mouth I wanted to take it back. It felt to much like gauding him into something, to push at him, or it just made me feel childish for trying to get a reaction I wanted out of him. See some kind of jealousy on his face. “I just bet he’s more than willing to do so” He pulled away. “Why did you come here today?” I asked changing subjects, wanting to not be on that topic again. “I didn’t tell you yesturday when you work again” Bang said. “Oh, Well I’m sure Rose or Belle would have told me. You didn’t have to come down here yourself” I said “I do not possess your phone number” He said, the words he enunciated, punctured and made sure I heard were in the middle of that sentence. Possess and Your. “I think I can remedy that” I said holding out my hand for him to hand over his phone. He stared at my hand and than looked at my face. “Your cell” I instructed. He pulled out his phone from his pocket unlocked the screen and than handed it to me. I entered my phone number and than pressed send calling myself so I had his number. “There we go, all set” I smiled serenely at him. “All set” He repeated. “When do I work next?” I asked. “Tomorrow, 6 o’clock. Come an hour early so we can practice” He said. I nodded as I pulled out my phone and started pressing buttons to put his number into my phone. “Another things” I put his fingers over my phone’s screen. “Yes?” I looked up. “In your phone, in public, anywhere outside of sex, use my nickname” My body couldn’t help it, my clit clenched. “Alright” I nodded. I typed Top into my phone and than put it away. “Tomorrow than” I said “I’ll be looking forward to having those lips playing along a glass bottle of my choosing tomorrow night” He winked. My cheeks reddened at that thinking of something else my lips could be playing with. When he left I shook my head getting the image out of my mind and in a state that I could continue work for the next several hours.

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