New Weekly Idol MCs?

Alright people, we all adored and enjoyed Doni and Coni on Weekly Idol, but now the time has come to decide who should replace them. Here is what I think would be perfect for the show.

Leeteuk and Heechul

These two are my favorite members of Super Junior and they both have a bunch of experience with being MCs. It's only natural that they host this fantastic show. However, both idols are extremely busy with their primary job as singers and filming Super TV.

Jackson and Hani.

I'm not too sure how they would get along but I think they will be just fine together. Jackson is funny, sassy, and very egosistical, he would totally skyrocket the ratings of this show. Hani is cute, hot, and she has wit. She is professional around idols and has great stregnth.

Sandara Park and Seungri.

Both have experience as MCs, both are kpop veterans, and both are from the same company. Looks like they can make a great pair.

this is just my personal opinion btw

Amber and Henry.

These two are what got me into kpop initially and I would not be here if it were not for them. Right now, they are not doing anything because SM just does not seem to like them anymore. I think that SM is being stupid and they deserve to shine and I think Weekly Idol should be a chance for these two souls to shine.

Well there is my ideas. Who do U think should be the new MCs of Weekly Idol? Sound off in the comments below!

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