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Hello Vinglers!

Does this card layout seem a little similar to someone else's card layout?


That's because I'm indeed @PolarStarr !!

"Another account, Violet?

Yes! But allow me to explain.


Mini Story Time

So I have been on Vingle for almost 3 years and have been very active for 2 years. I originally started posting about BTS a long with a few others here and there and I wanted to dedicate my time to my ultimate bias group which led me the role of BTS community Moderator for 2 terms (I miss the communities so much) So at the time when I was posting bts cards while other users were way more active supporting the groups they loved so once upon a time it was way more colorful than it is now. But something changed, people had become less active and started talking about how one group is being posted more and is more popular and is getting more likes etc. What was I supposed to do? I loved posting that groups cards and have always done so since the beginning. As multifandom the fact that all the people who posted about other Kpop groups started to vanish kind of started to bum me out.

And I wanted to leave Vingle. And I wanted to leave Vingle.


I fell in love with Vingle because of the huge range of Kpop group cards and the over all unity, support, respect and love for each other and Kpop.

(it honestly goes way deeper but I'll leave it at that)



Why don't I just post cards? I love making cards more than anything else, it relieves my stress and makes me happy if I can just make one person's day a bit better I'd be 100000 times more happy !

However, I already made my@PolarStarr account a BTS Fan page so I'm just going to keep it that way.

So then that's why I came up with this idea!


It's a kpop world

Of course I'm a kpop fan but I'm also completely in love with Korean Culture ♡

My posting schedule will be completely random.


I have been extremely busy with school and work I can barely keep up with my main account! But I will try my best to post a minimum of once a week on here!

I won't have a Taglist (as of the moment may change later)

*I won't post news, this account is strictly for fangirling*

*If you like the title click the card! *

I just want a place where I can freely fangirl about whatever whenever. ♡


So I hope you all continue to support not only your favorites but Kpop over all!

Thank you for all the love and support on my@PolarStarr account and hope you guys love this account just as much! Love you guys! ♡ ♡



An account where I share my endless love for Kpop with everyone. ♡ Make sure to check out my main account! @PolarStarr 🌟
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