EXO Reaction Videos: BRISxLIFE

So I watching this guy all morning today. He was cracking me up. I loved his reaction to watching EXO for the first time. It was exactly how I was when I first watched Call Me Baby.

He started out doing a lot of R&B reactions, after awhile he started doing KPop reactions. He's BTS stan, so there's a lot of BTS reaction videos, which is ooooh okay because he loves D.O.s voice, and who wouldn't? hahaaaa... Anyway,

Watch him, subscribe, he's got a good channel.

BRISxLIFE link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFdAdgyV43x3OolPd8RQUig

His first reaction to EXO, Call Me Baby

His latest EXO Reaction

He knows why EXO tops BTS in the polls.

He even does a reaction video for Kris' "DESERVE"

EXO Is Life 🌪️🐻⚡️❄️💧🔥🌟💪🦄
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