Any Crime/Mystery Podcast Suggestions?

I just seriously binged a podcast called Crime Junkie and now I need something else to take its place while I wait for next week's episode lol!

When I was little I LIVED for Nancy Drew and similar girl-detective stories. Then I moved onto CSI and devoured every episode of every season and even bought the DVDs (Las Vegas obviously)

I also loved Bones but when the romance part of the storyline got to be more important than the crimes I sort of dropped it

and NOW I'm majorly binge watching Elementary but I'm almost done so I'm trying sooo hard to not finish it cause I seriously don't know what I'll do with my life haha

Crime Junkies was the first podcast I was able to get into because so many other crime podcasts (like My Favorite Murder) were too chatty and blabbered on about random things and not the facts and the mystery.

So, do you guys have any suggestions? Looking forward to it!

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