Online Education Vs Traditional Education

With the passing of generation, traditional form of learning had been replaced by online education system. Traditional learning can be defined as the system where education was mostly in the form of books along with lectures that had been given in classes. The students had to attend the classes; make notes from books, develop extensive reading habits from books and thereby applied their knowledge in examinations.

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Over the years, there had been extensive arguments among the scholars and experts in education about the contribution of each of the forms of learning in the present generation. Students should have a clear idea about the pros and cons of both the system is before they support one of the learning medium with full heart.

Online education is highly flexible for students

As online learning comes with flexibility, it has another negative impact on the students. It does not have enough power to keep the students self motivated and disciplined. Many of the students may find it difficult to stay motivated when they are gathering knowledge from the comfort of their home. In such situation, traditional education has many advantages. ‘Structured scheduling of classes’ and ‘face-to-face interaction’ are helpful students to complete their tasks on time. They do not get scope of procrastination, as the demand of the professors to submit draft assignments force them to regularly attend college, be self motivated and disciplined.

Online education is found to be cost effective. In many cases, it is found that students dream of taking admissions in some of the renowned universities to pursue a diploma course. Although they have the merit, they do not have the financial strength to relocate to a new region. Relocating of new region is not only financial draining but also difficult for many students who are not comfortable in living alone in another nation.

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