BaeBum Wednesday: I'm Officially Done With Him 😂❤

Happy Wednesday everyone! Yall already know what today means! So let's go ahead and show our leadernim, Jaebum, some love on his special day! To celebrate I found this gif set that I think we all can enjoy lol!


So I take it that this was from one of the recent fan meets and one of the audience members ask Jaebum to the the Boyfriend version of Look.


So of course being the sweetheart he is, Jaebum does it but what got me was the fact that I was not expecting him to actually put his shirt on his head so he would look just like he did in the actual boyfriend version. I couldn't help but to laugh so hard when I saw this.


Wae you gotta be like this Jaebum lol.


All Credit for pics/gifs/videos goes to owners* ~☆JJP Shake it Crew☆~ @MelissaGarza@luna1171@sukkyongwanser@TwistedPDnim@QueenLele@Starbell808@PolarStarr@AubriePope@kitkatkpop@YulaGyeom@SimplyAwkward@kandle779@IsoldaPazo@KenyaMendoza@QueenPandaBunny@awkwardjazzy@SyumbiUchiha@TaraJenner@yehetmyohorat97

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