‘Big’s Lee Min Jung and Gong Yoo Hold Chat Session With Fans

Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung of Big have met with fans online! On June 15, the two stars of Big sat down to have a special me2day chat session with fans. For the chat, some 12,000 people sent in submissions, among which ten lucky individuals were selected to chat with the two stars while 3,000 fans watched. Gong Yoo often displayed his wit during the chat session such as when a female fan asked if he could meet her and he teasingly responded, “Where are you now??” Lee Min Jung also revealed her thoughts candidly such as when she shared she wanted to eat kimchi jjigae, fried eggs and meat. Most surprisingly, the two gave a slight spoiler for their drama during the chat session. When a fan asked where the two were chatting from Lee Min Jung responded, “We’re shooting from a wedding shop~ uh oh spoiler spoiler!” src: enewsworld

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