Taeyang Friday😎

Hello Fantasy! It's Melissa with a little late Taeyang Friday! For this week's theme, we are doing imagines. What can we imagine with our members. Here are some for Taeyang.

Imagine if you meet Taeyang at the airport. You were rushing to reach your gate that you accidentally bump into someone. You turn to help and apologize for bumping into them. It turns out to be Taeyang from SF9. You apologize for bumping into and help pick up his bag. He just smile and puts his bag over his shoulder and watches you leave.


Imagine Taeyang as your boyfriend. He would be so sweet as candy, warm as sunshine, and loving as your favorite snack. Taeyang would be the perfect boyfriend.


Imagine facetimig Taeyang. You have a schedule time to face to face with Taeyang. You turn on your computer and see Taeyang prempting himself. He's straightening his hair before he notices you are online.


Imagine you go see Taeyang perform and see his reaction at your surprise visit. He does an amazing performance but didn't like seeing you talking with other guys. Even with his group mates. So he made sure that your focus was only on him.

I hope you all enjoyed my Imagines.

Until next time Fantasy!

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