Kei Tsukishima✏❤

So this is my finished Tsukki! I had a really hard time getting the pose right on this guys and honstly Im still having a hard time making myself draw after bein so harshly rejected from art school...

im a little lost in life right now..

But uno, drawing and colouring this was fun! Put plain and simple ...drawing is fun and making art makes me happy so im gonna stick at it no matter what!

Anyway I hope you guys like it because honstly half the reason i keep posting because of all you lovley people surporting me so from the bottom of my heart.. Thank you❤

I hope your doing well and Im genuinly thinking about selling some of the things ive made so if you prints of anything that ive posted on here then Pleaseee let me know down below!!! (Look throught the "My art" folder on my page if you cant remeber your favs :p)

Art Tag Crew!❤








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