China Has Introduced A Point System That Decides What Jobs You Can Get And Where You Can Live

Any Black Mirror fans here?

If you've watched season 3, you might remember the first episode, Nosedive. It follows a woman living in a society where everyone is ranked and you can give people ratings based on your interactions with them. It leads to people being incredibly fake and well, just watch:

Here's a great example scene:

In China, they are actually rolling out a similar program which will be fully functioning in 2020.

Punishments for low rankings include restricted travel, reduced internet speeds, and prohibited enrollment in private schools. However, if you have a good credit score you’ll be rewarded with faster visa application processes, and in some states you can get cheaper bills, rent things without deposits, and receive better interest rates at banks.

Personally, I have faith that there are enough of us that won't play into the "social credit" system or at least will challenge it, but who knows.

What do you think? Would this make life better or worse?

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