SeHun Birthday Event!

EXO-Ls!!! Its This wonderful Cutie's Birthday!!!



So, After a long day of celebrating your Boyfriend's Birthday, with all his friends and family, you guys are wiped out. Both of you make your way to the couch to sit down, before you can even sit down SeHun grabs you by the waist and pulls you into his lap.

"SeHun, What are you doing" you said in betweeen giggles. "Y/N I just wanted you all to myself" SeHun whispered in you ear, you wrap you arms aroung his neck and now your forheads are touching. "Happy Birthday SeHun" you say as you kiss his forehead. Then you lean your forehead back against his. You both sit there in a blissful slience, until SeHun moves in to kiss you. After the sweet kiss you two share, SeHun sweeps you up into his arms and carries you to his bed. "You're mine for the rest of the evening." SeHun said. " It's your Birthday, I can't argue with you." not that you would cause you couldn't be happier.


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