In This Forever (3)

Uncle To The Rescue

They all looked at one another.

“What was that all about?” Chanyeol asked. He sat down next to the carrier, caressing the baby's soft hair. “If he doesn't want him, I'll take him. Hyunnie wouldn't mind.”

“Leave him, Yeolie, he's had a rough time. This baby showing up like this all of sudden doesn't prove anything. Only that someone may know about Him and Jae, about the baby, and are now playing a cruel joke.”

The baby started to cry.

Kai got excited, “He's awake!” He hunched over, smiling into the little face, waving, “I’m uncle Kai!”

The baby continued to cry.

“What should we do? Call our moms?” Chanyeol asked nervously.

Kai looked around, felt around the baby, “He don't have a bottle. Babies usually come with a bottle and a baby bag full of stuff. Did you see one when you brought him in?”

JunMyeon couldn't stop thinking about SeHun, the way he ran away. He wanted to go talk to him. “Go look out on the porch. I think I saw something, I'm not sure.” He said before going upstairs.

Kai waved at Chanyeol to go see, so Chanyeol took two long leaps up the stairs and opened the door. There sitting was a light blue bag with little Mickey Mouses all over it. He grabbed it and looked inside. There was a bottle and diapers and tiny tiny clothes. He practically flew back down to the living room. He handed the bottle to Kai.

“Milk.” Kai demanded.

Chanyeol looked in the bag, shook his head and shrugged.

Kai half smiled and took the bag, he searched inside and pulled a round plastic container out, he held it up in front of Chanyeol, “Milk.”

He looked up towards the stairs, he wondered if they were coming back. He put the bottle and milk down,.

“He needs to be fed.” Kai said.

He threw a blanket over his shoulder, and proceeded to lift the baby boy up into his arms. As Kai cradled him, the little boy started to calm down. When he stopped crying for sure, Kai moved him to his shoulder, picked up the bottle and milk and headed for the kitchen.

“You weren't supposed to pick him up. JunMyeon is right, SeHun should be the one to hold him first.” Chanyeol said following him.

“It'll be okay. The baby needs to feel love. He's not going to wait until his father decides if he's his or not.” Kai said making the milk. He expertly leveled the powder milk and tapped it into the bottle with one hand, then he let the water run until it was nice and warm. He filled the bottle and shook it vigorously. Chanyeol watched carefully, knowing he would probably need to do that soon.

“Waaah, you do that like a real dad.” Chanyeol said amazed.

“I have sisters with kids. I've been an uncle for a long time now.” Kai proudly said. He carefully pulled the baby into his arms.

“Look his eyes are open…” Chanyeol gasped, so did Kai. They looked at one another. “Sehun-ah. Look at that, he looks just like him when he gets mad.” They giggled.

But Kai saw something else.

The baby's eyes were green.

He gave the baby his bottle.

“He's so tiny…how old do you think he is?” Chanyeol asked quietly.

Kai looked him over, felt his weight, “I don't know, maybe two months, no more than that that's for sure.”

He looked up at the ceiling. Sehun’s room was right above them. He wondered what was going on. He looked down at the baby and wondered…. Where was she, where's the mommy?

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