I'm not dead

Well... HI!

I'm sorry I dropped off the face of the earth, it really wasn't on purpose.

If anyone remembers, I started watching my grandson after he was born. Last October I quit my job and started watching

the very energetic 1 yr old full time. He doesn't like me on my laptop at all and my phone doesn't have an app for Vingle.

For those that followed my stories and know that "Jak" is based off my daughter, if you remember we started her modeling about a year and a half ago. I manage her and that takes up every weekend and once or twice a week.

I haven't written since October and I miss it. There are a few things running around in my head so my hopes is to get back to it somehow, sometime in the near future.

On fun news, Jak and I are headed to the Korean Times Music Festival again this year in a couple of weeks! Sadly, without@pharmgirlerin but happily we still get to go! We get to see BTOB this YEAR!!!!!!!!! NCT 127 is coming back again and so is RAIN!!!

AHHHHHHHHHH - we are super stoked!

I hope some people are still around! :)

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