Re-Introduction Card

Hey everyone! I wanted to re-introduce myself since there are a lot of new people here on Vingle!

I have been on here for roughly more than 2 years. I didn't post at first but Vingle at the time was a great community and everyone was so kind. It has changed a lot and I feel like people communicate less and less on here as the days go by so I wanted to try and change that!

So here's my small intro!

My real name is Erica. I'm 22, but I'll be 23 this year. I am a 95 line. Some idols that are the same age as me are Johnny(NCT), Taeyong(NCT), Yuta(NCT), Jimin(BTS), Shinwon(Pentagon), Hyuk(VIXX), and Dowoon(Day6.) Fun fact: Shinwon was born five days before me.

My top ten groups are:

-Pentagon | Bias: Jinho (UB)

-VIXX | Bias: Hakyeon

-NCT | Biases: Taeyong & Kun

-Day6 | Bias: Wonpil

-Stray Kids | Biases: Chan & Seungmin

-Astro | Bias: Moonbin

-The Rose | Bias: Hajoon

-Seventeen | Bias: Joshua

-Monsta X | Bias: Wonho

-BTS | Bias: Jimin

I am a red head. I guess you could say I'm tallish but not really. I'm 5'7". I work two jobs (my second job opened for the season last weekend) so my time on here is shortened nowadays. But I will always be around unless otherwise stated!

I am on the Pentagon, NCT, VIXX, and Astro Mod Teams even though we as a team rarely post anymore because of how busy our lives have gotten. I still try to regularly post for them. Additionally to those groups I have a personal taglist for The Rose and Day6 that I use to post updates on them from time to time! I also post for Stray Kids and Victon from time to time cause they are amazing! I also post a lot from time to time about Dramas, mainly Korean but I have posted about Japanese, Chinese, and Thai before too!

You can also follow me on:

AsianFanFics: Halsyeon

Wattpad: DGrayManLover (username may change in the future)

Tumblr: halsyeon, haljinn, won-pillie, and taesyeonn (I have four profiles XD, I mainly use them for aesthetics...)

Instagram: xericabrattonx

Amino: Halsyeon

And since I'm feeling chill at the moment here's a rare two pictures of me:

Okay then! Let's be friends! Tell me about yourself in the comments or in your own card!

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