Did Anyone Else LOVE Ready Player One?

As mentioned, I don't play and never have played video games. I went on a VR rollercoaster once and absolutely loved it but thats the most I've ever interacted with the world of VR.

That being said, I didnt think Ready Player One was really going to be all that exciting.


Any movie that opens with Van Halen is going to be good.

I saw it this Saturday and was comepletely blown away. I was laughing, crying, the works! Plus there were a ton of hilarious references that even I got! Lots of great movie references and well more well known references (I got Halo, Overwatch, and Gundam haha a few more but yeah it was flooded with references)

There's the Iron Giant and tons more move references, an AMAZING soundtrack, and a really positive but interesting message.


Anyone else see it?! what was your fav part (try not to spoil in the comments^^)

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