Red Velvet Almost Fell Apart Because of Seulgi and Irene

Irene and Seulgi almost scared everyone away!

1. Irene vs Joy

Joy once shared on a talk show that Joy would break down in tears when she was first a trainee because of how beautiful Irene is.

She thought that if there was someone as beautiful as Irene as a trainee, there was no way that 'plain old joy' could ever debut.

How wrong she was :)

2. Seulgi vs Wendy

Seulgi trained for years and years and years before debuting with Red Velvet. Wendy, on the other hand, had very little training time. She felt like she was behind everyone, especially Seulgi, in terms of skills and almost quit because she thought she could never catch up.

Luckily,Seulgi helped guide Wendy and with her encouragement and help,she continued training and now they're team mates!

Aren't we lucky!!

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