Choosing an MBA Specialisation

There are quite a few unexplored fields that most people are not aware of when it comes to pursuing an MBA program. Apart from a few popular specialisations that are always adhered to by the aspiring management students, the potential of the other fields remains un-harnessed. Although the course structure is majorly the same for all the different fields but the specialization in one particular area is chosen in the second year of the course. This specialisation is going to decide the ensuing course of an individual’s career path. Compiled below is the list of various fields you can consider pursuing if you are an MBA aspirant and potential sectors for employment after the degree has been completed.

1. Finance:

2. Marketing:

3. Human Resources:

4. Health Care Management:

5. Rural Management:

6. International Business:

7. Information Technology:

8. Agri- Business Management:

Top MBA programs in India

The first and foremost obvious enticing feature of a management degree is the high salary packages that will be offered to anybody who pursues it. After beginning the career as a management professional there are limitless opportunities for a person to expand the business network and explore various avenues for better opportunities.

PGDM admission

Established in 1993, The IILM Undergraduate Business School (UBS) is one of the premier business schools to offer courses in Entrepreneurship, Business and Management.
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