Love Yourself: Tear ~ Album Review!

Okay so I decided to do an album review for Love Yourself: Tear to tell you guys about how I feel about the songs on the album. 11 songs is a lot to talk about so I'll make it somewhat short and sweet :)

First off, all the songs on the album are so flipping good! So many genres incooporated into this album and my first listen I was absolutely shook, but I've been listening to it mostly all day and I'm still shook by the awesomeness of this album!

1. Singularity (aka Taehyung's intro) - I'm still in love with it. I love the haunting kind of vibe it gives off and Tae's voice is just a blessing to the ears.

2. Fake Love - BTS went in the right direction with this title track! It's dark but also very calming at the same time!! Keep streaming the MV so we can reach our goal of 50M in 24hrs.

3. The Truth Untold (ft. Steve Aoki) - You guys know how much I love ballads. I almost cried on my way home from work when I listened to this in the car. The lyrics are chilling and the vocals are just beautiful. This song is perfect to listen to when you just wanna relax and it's perfect for a rainy day.

4. 134340 (Pluto) - I get a lot of jazz influences in this song and it sounds almost tropical. The flute playing in the background.... idk why but.... I heard a Star Wars kind of theme with the flute lol xD Back to the point haha. I really like how smooth it is and it's a great song to listen to on a long road trip! It's very dream like. :)

5. Paradise - This song shook me and I did not expect it to sound like it does! I can't explain how this song makes me feel because it left me speechless. I love the r&b vibe it gives off and it's definitely in my top 5 songs in the entire album.

6. Love Maze - This is the song RM said he liked the most. Now I understand why. It's so catchy and the bass just hits you super hard! It's one of those songs you can just easily bounce to if you know what I mean. :)

7. Magic Shop - VOCAL LINE'S HIGH NOTES!! That's all I need to say. HeHe ;)

8. Airplane, Pt. 2 - I knew that this wasn't gonna just be J-Hope in the song, but I also didn't expect the whole group!!!! I love how it starts off slowly and then gradually speeds up a little bit. It's got a lot of Latin influence in it and the fact that Latin style music is basically in the kpop spectrum right now, this is absolutely PERFECTION!!!! It's THE perfect summer song!!!


10. So What - Almost everyone was thinking this was gonna be like a cypher....WRONG. Lol. It reminded me a little bit of something Justin Bieber like, but better lol. I really like this song a lot!! Made me wave my imaginary ARMY Bomb and jump up and down lol.

11. Outro: Tear - You'd think it'd be like Outro: Her, but NOPE!!!!! Namjoon, Hobi, and Yoongi came at us with their amazing rapping!!! I love how it starts off slow with the piano and the slow EDM and then BAM, the beat hits you like you just got punched in the face!!!!!! "You're my fear." IS THIS A HINT FOR THE NEXT ALBUM?! You never know with them lol.

This is BTS' new best album!!!! I didn't think any other album would top HYYH or Wings for me, but this just did!!!! Never underestimate the genius of BTS!!! Now I just gotta prepare myself for the Love Yourself World Tour and prepare myself for the performances I'm gonna witness on September 15th.




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