My Favorite Songs By CUBE Groups/Soloists

So I am fan of most (if not all) of the currently promoting CUBE groups or soloists. I am going to try and list my favorite of each group or soloist.

I probably won't list all the artists as I haven't heard every CUBE artist's music but I'd say I'll hit most of them.

BTOB - I'll Be Your Man:

Jung Ilhoon - She's Gone:

Hyuna - Lip & Hip:

How's This was pretty close to being my favorite but this one takes the lead.

Jang Hyunseung - Ma First:

Even though it seems he's on hiatus ever since he left Beast.

Trouble Maker - Now:

Even though the duo seems to be on hiatus.

Jo Kwon - Lonely:

CLC - Hobgoblin:

Black Dress is close behind.

Pentagon - Shine:

As you know I'm Pentagon trash...I have a three way tie for my favorite by them. Shine, Runaway, and Like This!

Triple H - 365 Fresh:

I'll admit I didn't like this song at first, but I love them so much!

Hui - Navigation:

(G)I-DLE - Latata:

Do you know all of these groups/soloists? Anyone I should try and check out more of?

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