In This Forever (19)


Jae told her everything that had happened up to that moment. Nari couldn't believe it but she was going to do what she can in Jae's absence.

“I will do what can, I promise.” Nari said once everything was said.

Jae looked at the baby, “and I Promise you my little one, I promise you and your daddy, I will come back to be with you both forever. For now, you're going to go to him and be with him.” She kissed him and snuggled him.

Her phone rang.

She handed the baby to Nari and answered.

“Jae! Where are you?” Luhan asked sounding a bit frantic.

“I'm with my friend. Why?” She answered.

“Get out! I'm sorry… I didn't know, believe me I didn't know what he was up to. He purposely told me he knew where you were when he really didn't. It drew you out, I'm sorry. I don't know how he knew I would tell you. Maybe he suspected, maybe he made a guess that someone would tell you. I don't know. But he just called, thanking me for telling you. I lied to him. I told him I had nothing to do with you. He said he had someone check with the airport to see how many people left my plane. They told him three people and a baby. I'm so sorry.”

Jae threw her phone, “Oh my god. He tricked me!”

“Unnie, what happened?” Nari asked worried by the look on her face.

“I have to go.” She grabbed the baby bag and wrapped baby JaeHun up and put him back in his harness, “I have to take him to his daddy before it's too late.”

“Wait, unnie, just wait a minute… what's going on?” Nari grabbed her and kept her from running out the door.

“He tricked him… he tricked me into coming out into the open. If I don't go now, he'll catch me before I can do what I need to do.” Jae hit the door, “dammit… damn him.”

“So he's already here? Aish… I'll take you. Just wait.”

Nari hurried and gathered her coat and keys. She went ahead, peeking around corners, until they got to her car.

“Get in the back and stay down.”

Jae crawled in and squeezed down on the floor, the lower, the better, “Make sure to watch your surroundings when you pull out.”

Nari nodded.

The car pulled out from the underground garage and headed away.

“Do you see anyone following? Did you notice any cars that left when you did?”

Nari looked in her rear view mirrors, “I didn't see anyone. Do you really think they would know you were with me?”

“If anything, they would have had someone watching your place. Waiting to see if I'd come to you. Same with the dorm and the house.” Jae said. Baby JaeHun squeaked, his face scrunched up and turning red. She tried to hold him better.

“What time is it… damn, I should've had you call Minseok to see where he was.” Jae said.

“I'll do it right now. Try and keep baby quiet.” Nari quickly opened her phone and pressed the picture of Kim Minseok on the screen, it dialed and started ringing. She made sure the speaker was on for Jae to hear as well.

Minseok answered sounding half asleep,“Hello… why are you calling so late? Did everything work out? When you called our evening off, I was disappointed.”

“Well, I'm sorry. It was an important matter. My friend was quite upset. I needed to be there for her.” She said.

“Huhmmm… is she okay now?”

Nari looked back at Jae, “She will be.”

“I worry about you. You shouldn't get too involved with stuff like that. I mean, I know your a good person, and a good friend, and you want to do right but if something had happened, you would be blamed for it. You know how some people can be.” she heard him yawn.

“I just wanted to call you. Tell you sorry for calling off, but I'll make it up to you. I promise. As a matter of fact, umm if you're up to it… where you at?”

“I'm at the dorm but I have to leave early, like in two hours. I'm going to go watch Jongdae while he's filming. Give him my support. He called me earlier, really pissed off. He wouldn't tell me why. He just asked if I could come be with him tomorrow. I told him I would.” he said before yawning again.

“Are you there alone? Because if you are, I can come over for a little while.” Nari said trying to entice him.

Minseok giggled, “baby if I was alone I would tell you, yes! come over right now!” He giggled even more, “No, some of the guys are here. So it wouldn't be a good idea.”

“Oh really. Who's all there?” She sneakily asked.

He went quiet for a few seconds, “Um, Chanyeol, Kai, Suho, Lay and… SeHun. I hear him rattling around in his room. Sometimes, I think I should hit him over the head to make him sleep.” he laughed.

“Darn. I wish they weren't there. Well I guess some other time then. I'll be thinking of you. Good night.” She said softly.

“Good night baby, I'll call you tomorrow.”

Jae was choked up by what Minseok said, it was all her fault. She reached for her bag. She patted herself, looked around. “Ohdammit… Nari I need to go back to my apartment."

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