Jay park new song SOJU

can't wait for it to drop it drops on 2018.05.28 12am release [Thursday night] the song ft 2chainz produce by woogie

#AOMG #Woogieonandon #soju #H1grmusic #Rocnation #jaypark #2Chainz #aiasnsolortist #asianmaleartist

I'm 22 yrs old young mom's I'm a big fan of all type of Asian and thai culture 😋I love to read ,write , and paint 🙏🙏💓💓 anyways blessed as always😂Outspoken& unique and I've been a K-pop fan since I was eight I'm a fan of Chinese and Korean dramas also Thai dramas ; fan of boyslove WeChat: BlinkkoJimin Twitter:@kpopnerdybbwsug Instagram:@_Aphrodite_blinkko
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