Wow, has it really been this long?!

Here's a little history:

After the show Mydol, the group was formed and immediately debuted with Superhero.

It wasn't until Hyuk asked their company if they could use colored contacts and go a liiiittle bit creepier than any other boy group had gone before that they got noticed:

After getting their first burst of popularity, they continued the strong creepy concepts with Hyde and Voodoo:

This gave them the title of concept-dols because they OWNED their concepts. They also finally got their first win with Voodoo (their 5th single)

They continued their strong combacks and had solid recognition (they even went to KCON!) but when they remade a classic 90s song, Love Equation, they became well known names in Korea, even amongst those who don't listen to Kpop :')

They started focusing on Japan and acting, as Leo and Ravi released an amazing unit project, Beautiful Liar.

After killing us with their Chained Up concept...


They started their Conception project wich gave us Dynamite, The Closer, and Fantay. The concept was all based on Greek Mythology.

They continued to build a following as well as focusing on concerts, musicals, and acting. Then, magic happened. They released Shangri La:

At first it did well as expected but when they performed at the performance went VIRAL all over Korea.

Suddenly they were asked to perform for the president, and were promoting this older song again similar to when EXID's Up and Down got popular months after they promoted it.

Most recently, they dropped Scentist and I can't be more proud of how far they've come. There is so muc more that has happened in these 6 years but I just want to thak them so much for all the pure joy they've brought into my life.

Thank you VIXX, thank you Starlights, Happy 6th anniversary :)

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