BTS’s Jimin Shares His Thoughts On Death Threats Made Against Him.

Love Yourself: Tear

Jimin first clarified that the selfie that he had posted on Twitter on May 13, after news of the death threat spread in Korea, had simply captured him in an exhausted moment and that he had not been emotionally shaken by the threat. “About the picture that I posted on social media while departing the country, after receiving the death threat,” he said, “I made that expression because I was tired.”

He went on, “After the incident last year, it was my second time hearing this kind of news, so I was a bit flustered. But I think that the fans were more worried than I was. Personally, there were so many people waiting for me that I didn’t have the time or energy to be swayed by such words.”

Jimin added with a smile, “Our staff take good care of us, so I don’t think that there’s any need for [our fans] to worry.”

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