6 Years With VIXX

Today@WinKonVIP and I are celebrating 6 years with VIXX! Please join us!

To celebrate we thought we would share a few of our favorite things about VIXX!

Favorite Concept:

I kind of low key love the era of Zelos, Hades, and Kratos. Aka the God Era. I'm super interested in Mythology so those three music videos just were amazing to me!

Though my favorite concept from those three Music Videos is probably Fantasy's. It doesn't help that the song is an absolute jam either!

I also want to cheat and say Fantasy ties with The Closer because I absolutely love the fact that most of the video everyone is frozen except for Jaehwan who freely walks around. I think was also around the time that Jaehwan went on a full attack and became my second VIXX bias. (Technically I bias both Hakyeon and Jaehwan but Hakyeon has a tad bit of a lead.)

All-Time Favorite Song:

This is so hard!!!

I'm going to go with the non-title track 1,2,3,4,5 (Almost There) because I just love it so much!

Small Appreciation Message:

VIXX I love you guys so much and I hope this 6 years turns into 12 and so on. I hope that everyone stays well and that you all stay the best of friends your whole life. Even though I've only been your fan since for a little over 4 years I still feel like I've been with you guys since day 1. I can still remember seeing you guys in person on stage and how much you guys stood out. You guys are amazing! I will always support you guys in whatever you do! Thanks for sticking with us Starlights!


Everyone please join in in celebrating 6 Years With VIXX!!!


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