Ship Me!

Lol it's been a while since I've seen/taken part in something like this on vingle, so I thought this would be fun@kpopandkimchi.

1. What's your favorite color

Purple! If I had to pick one shade of purple it would be lavender though.

2. What position would you be in a Kpop group?

I think I'd be a rapper...I don't want to hurt people's ears with my horrible singing haha

3. Some of your favorite things - could be anything!

^My baby when she was still a puppy

I wouldn't necessarily classify her as a thing, but I love my dog more than anything/anyone in the world. I also like food, working out (so I can eat more food lol), watching sports, swimming, and going on road trips.

4. Your dream vacation.

I don't think I can classify this as a "dream vacation" because I've already been there, but I really want to live in Japan. The atmosphere there is just so amazing. These are some pictures that my dad took on our trip.

Eat, sleep, school, fangirl, repeat
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