What Do You Think of This American Boy Group?

They're called PrettyMuch and were formed by Simon Cowell (just like One Direction)

I just can't get into it, but I can see if they were singing in Korean and I honestly didnt understand how corny the lyrics were I'd jam (that sounds so stupid but its true)

Maybe its also because I never party-ed in high school so i cant relate to all these songs about partying haha

The difference from kpop:The difference from kpop:

- They didn't have as much training as a group (yes they might have trained individually, but not as a unit in the same company)

- They don't have choreography (they just run around honestly haha)

- Where are the cool concepts?

- They act like annoying teenage boys off stage (in kpop idols tend to keep up a certain responsible attitude, but in the west celebs usually save it for the stage and then can act however they want when they're 'off the clock' so to speak)

- lyrics are grinding whyyyyyyy hahaha (the focus on sex or hooking up or getting with the girl)

Overall though for a Western style group, they have talent! Look at these guys:

I wish them good luck but I worry I'll never really connect with American pop again (I like other genres though!)

What do you think?

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