NCT: Fate Game Info♡

Hello. If you have stumbled upon this card, welcome. Intrigued? Perfect. I have decided to bring upon the community a fate game.


Now you must be wondering, what is a Fate game? It's rather simple. I will give you things to choose from. You make the selection you like, post which one in the comments. It's a no-take-backsies based game. Meaning, whatever you choose is what you're set with. Fun, right? I promise I won't spring anything bad, or will I?

Just kidding I'm not that evil. But I might be. You have to trust me. *Insert evil cackle*

As I was saying, your choice is yours to stay. I will insert a mini story with it. Every week I will upload the results, and the following part. I will keep up with the choices, so if you forget it's all good. I got your back. Let me do the hard part. Y'all just choose and have fun.

Now with NCT being extremely large, I have divided the games up by Units. So, this first one is NCT 127, Followed by NCT DREAM, ETC.

I do have experience in this, I used to do these alot. I think they were fun. So let's get too it. If you're interested, stick around for the next card.

♡If you would like to be added to the tag, let me know ♡

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