Bias Week: Days 1,2,&3


Join in and post with us!!!

Day 1: When did your bias become your bias?

So my UB is Jo Jinho from Pentagon.

He's been my bias since December 16th of 2017 (fun fact December 16th is my birthday!)

Jinho becoming my UB was a slow process (my previous UB Hakyeon put up a huge fight!)

Here are some messages with one of my friends that shows how much he messed with me before I finally gave into him!

I hope you enjoy my fangirl moments XD

Day 2: What's your favorite bias moment?

Oh it's so hard!!!

It would probably have to be when he failed his driver's test the first time. To be fair the reason he failed the first time was a mistake that anyone could make. But he passed it the second time he took it so now my husband is a licensed driver!

He's just so adorable in this video!!!

Day 3: What would you two do on a date?

Ima be real here, my boy Jinho is obsessed with Harry Potter and like I love it too so I totally wouldn't mind us having a Harry Potter marathon as a date! As long as I get to cuddle him I'm fine with anything!

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