NCT Are So Savage!

So back whenever Cherry Bomb came out it was banned because of the lyrics. One of the lyrics being "Gunshot." So normally the group or company would change the lyrics to allow the group to promote the song however SM refused to because they felt it wouldn't have the same feeling. So NCT did not promote Cherry Bomb on Music Bank and instead performed 0 Mile!

And savage NCT just to spite them at the end of almost every performance of 0 Mile the members sport Finger Guns, either shooting each other or just pointing them towards the camera! I mean I really don't think this is a coincidence because they are all super smiley during these performances and often laughing at the end. They do them in other Live recordings too (not just Music Bank) but not for every one.

Here are all the performances that have them doing that:

To see what I'm talking about go to 3:17.

Again skip to 3:17.

Skip to 3:17.

This one was on Music Core instead of Music Bank.

Also Yuta and Taeil swapped places on this one:

Most of the time on the other shows (other than Music Bank) Taeyong and Taeil would just mess with each other instead.

Taeyong shaking Taeil:

Taeil getting back at Taeyong:

Most NCT fans think these aren't coincidences what about you? Do you think they were being savage?

I do and I love it!


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