In This Forever (26)

Get Me Out Of Here

After Jae read the letter, she tore it up and flushed it down the toilet. She flushed it at least three times to make sure it went all the way down. She told Lu to give her a couple days to think it over, he told her not to take too long. He told her they may miss the opportunity if his plan isn't executed right away.

Today, she needed to give him an answer. She pulled a chair by the window and sat looking out, down at the spot where she had seen SeHun.

What Luhan had written in his letter was not all that surprising because it was also something she has considered at one point. Luhan was very thorough, very detailed in every aspect of his plan. Everything had been calculated carefully. He just needed to hear her say yes and he would set everything into motion.

There was a knock and then the door opened slowly.

“Where you at?” Tao said as he stood at the door, looking around.

Jae ignored him.

He saw her sitting by the window. He walked over and looked at the window, wanting to see what she was watching.

“Why are you in my room?” she asked.

“You really going to ask that? Every time I come, I have to stand outside the door and yell at you. And besides, I want you to come down tonight. If I leave it up to Jace, you would never come down. He just lets you do whatever you want.” Tao said. He went to her closet and picked some clothes out. “Get dressed. You're going to meet my dad.”

“I'm tired. I don't feel like doing anything you want right now.” she said in a very bored manner.

“Well you know what, I don't care. Get dressed. Come down for a few minutes, shake his hand, introduce yourself properly and then you can leave. I don't care what you do or how you're feeling, as long as you do what I say when needed.” Tao threw her clothes at her and left.

Jae picked at the clothes, reluctantly putting them on. She looked at herself in the mirror and realized these weren't her regular clothes. He must've went shopping for her. The little white dress had lace across the top, from shoulder to shoulder, then at the mid-riff. The bottom part was solid and looked like silk or satin. There were pearls running down the sleeves, as well as along the side of the skirt. She peeled it off to look at the designer, sure enough, it was his label.

She fixed her hair up and put on some heels. She one last look and thought, she needs some make up. She had dark circles from not sleeping and her skin looked terrible from all the stress.

“Oh well. It'll have to do.”

She waited in front of the door. It opened and Jace came in. He smiled at her and then escorted her downstairs. Her stepfather, Tao and Tao's father were waiting at the foot of the stairs. Tao smiled but it looked forced, like he didn't want to smile, he was afraid of what she would do, what she might do.

Tao's father was the first to speak up, “This is young Nicole? It's very good to see you. I think the last time I saw you was right before you left for college. That was a very long time ago.” He laughed.

Jae smiled, “15 years to be exact.”

Her stepfather put his hand out to her. She looked at it, then to him. An act. She reluctantly took it, he pulled her arm under his and walked with her to the dining hall.

“You look very nice” he whispered. “You pull a stunt like that again and you'll never see that boy again.”

She jerked away and went to her own seat. Tao rushed over to pull the chair out, but she sat before he could even touch it so he sat down next to her.

“I'm sorry took so long for you to meet her.” Her stepfather said.

“I was away on business most of the time so it wasn't really a problem. No need to apologize, my friend. Whether I met her today or at the wedding, makes no difference to me. My son is the one that wanted this, even though I've told him to choose a woman who is going to return his affections.” Tao's father laughed hard.

Jae was feeling a bit annoyed. Especially when Tao put his hand in her knee. His father went on.

“This son of mine, he has always liked her for some reason. Even when he was little, he was always wanting to come over and spend the night. Telling me to go out of town more often. Crazy kid. No offense my friend, but I don't really approve of him marrying your daughter. She's pretty and probably very smart, very cunning from what I can tell, but she has no affection towards him. It worries me. He'll always be chasing after her. And It's bad luck marrying someone who already has a child from someone else” He said. All the while eyeing her from across the table.

“Father, that was unnecessary. It don't matter to me. She'll come around. She's not completely a heartless person.” Tao said. He squeezed her knee before slowly slithering his hand inside her thigh. Squeezing ever so softly.

Jae ‘accidentally’ dropped her fork on the floor and leaned over to pick it up. She jabbed him in the hand before placing it back in the table. Tao quickly moved his hand away into his own lap.

As soon as everyone seemed to be done eating. After everything insulting was said. She excused herself.

Jace came and took her back up to her room.

“Miss. Are you okay?” Jace asked kindly. He had heard everything and didn't like what had been said.

“Yes.” She said and was about to go in, she stopped and looked back at him, “Let him know, my answer is Yes. Let's do it.”

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