In This Forever (28)

A Robbery.... Maybe

Just when SeHun and Lay pulled in to the dorm, so did Minseok and Nari. They all met at the door.

“Where did you two come from?” Minseok asked.

“My house. What about you two?” SeHun asked in turned.

“We had dinner. Nari is very excited to see the baby.”

Nari jumped in, “Yes, I am. Minnie told me everything. Can I see him?”

Lay watched the both of them. He couldn't believe how well they were acting.

SeHun smiled, “But first… have you taken care of babies before?”

Nari's eyes widen trying to think of a good answer for this little interview, “I…. I used to babysit a lot when I was younger. I have watched a baby or two on occasion.”

He nodded, “He needs to be looked after 24 hours when I'm not around. Can you do that?”

Nari nodded, “Of course. Just call me and I'll be here. Can I see him now?”

“He's inside….”

When SeHun opened the door, the inside was in chaos. It looked like there had been a fight. Xiumin told Nari to stay put and ran upstairs while Lay and SeHun split up to look in other parts of the dorm.

A car pulled up. Nari peeked out and saw Suho's car pulling into the garage. Once they were parked, Suho, Chanyeol, and Kai got out. Chanyeol went around and got the baby out.

“Have you guys been out all this time?” Nari asked walking over to meet them.

“Yeah, uh...there was no more milk so we went to the store. What you doing here NaRi-ssi? Is Minseok with you?” Suho asked.

“He's inside, something happened...” she looked past him and saw Chanyeol carrying that precious baby. “Is that him? Can I see him?”

Suho rushed in.

Lay came up from the living room carrying a broken lamp. He showed Suho.

“What happen?” Suho asked looking at it.

“I don't know. Maybe someone broke in.”

“Is there anything missing?”

Lay shrugged.

SeHun came running down the stairs, “Where is my baby?” He was frantic.

Just then, Nari came walking in with him. SeHun took him and cradled him close. Giving him kisses.

“I was so afraid, where did you go?” He asked Suho.

“We went to the store to get milk and ended up getting something to eat on the way. What happened here?” He looked around.

“Should we call the police?” Someone asked.

“Yes, I'll call them. You guys go around check and see if there is anything gone, TRY not to touch anything.” Suho stepped out and made the call.

They all went about the house double checking everything, seeing if anything was stolen.

Nari followed SeHun.

SeHun opened his bedroom door. He found the baby's bear lying on the floor with its head ripped off, the crib had been tipped over. Nari rushed past him and started picking things up.

“No. Leave it, JunMyeon said not to touch anything. I think, just leave it.” He said sitting down on his bed.

Nari dropped the headless bear on the floor, “Who would do this?”

In back of her mind, she thought about those people, the ones after Jae. Maybe they had come here looking for the baby and trashed the dorm, making it look like a robbery. This was getting dangerous. Tao got Jae, now he wants baby JaeHun back as well. Nari crossed her arms and tried to put it out of her head.

SeHun looked up at her, “Noona. Did you see her? Did she come to you?”

She about choked, her mouth went dry, she felt the room spin a little, “What? What do you mean?”

“She went home. I don't know… thought maybe she went to see you. Thought maybe she would've told you why she left the baby, why she didn't stay. Lay hyung said some things… never mind. It's crazy. This is all crazy.” SeHun got up and walked out of the room.

Nari's heart was beating a million miles a minute. She had to tell him but she promised. ‘No.’ she thought, ‘no, I told her to contact me in three days, if she don't, then I'll tell him.’ She nodded to herself. “Just hold on tight Oh SeHun-ssi, don't let her go. Just one more day and I'll tell you everything.” She said quietly.

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