Career Options for Students After 12th Commerce Stream

business schools in Delhi

Higher education in commerce:

A popular career option for students that complete their 12th in commerce is to continue honing their craft via some of the best undergraduate colleges in Delhi. These colleges are some of the best options for students that want to pursue a career in management and entrepreneurship.

12th graduates can opt for top business schools in Delhi like IILM UBS and prepare for a life of hard work and perseverance. Universities look for grit and hard work from students and prepare them for every challenge in life. These universities also prepare students to pursue higher-education curriculums like MBA and PhD in management. Students can often learn under leading business heads to uncover insights on how best to conduct business.


Students are also opting for a career in entrepreneurship by working with leading designers, techies and industry veterans. They’re launching new apps, new services, products and SaaS models in the market. While the success-rate may not be so high, it’s always recommended that the student chooses their own path towards economic success.

BBA programs in entrepreneurship

Family business management:

Many commerce graduates often work under the family business model to figure out what works best for them. They work in their family business for an extended period of time, to prepare themselves for their next phase in career. They can opt for a business management degree while learning insights from their family business prior to it.

Some of the best undergraduate colleges in Delhi also offer courses for family management, which students can also opt for in their MBA programs. These students are able to lead their family business for an extended period of time, as well as apply their learnings in real-world practice.

A commerce graduate has multiple avenues to pursue, one of which includes a degree in entrepreneurship. As they’re still young and fresh, their minds can easily absorb core concepts of business management and start-up success. A commerce 12th graduate has a bright future ahead in the business world.

Established in 1993, The IILM Undergraduate Business School (UBS) is one of the premier business schools to offer courses in Entrepreneurship, Business and Management.
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