Can You See Us. part 12

heyo! its been a while since Ive written and especially for these joint stories. but SugaKookieV got the ball rolling a bit ago so here we go with can you see us!

"I feel bad for scaring Hobi now" topi said sitting on the couch "Now they really do believe they are being haunted" she added

"I noticed they are spending more time at the studio then at home now" Em said as topi rolled her eyes.

"Plus all the concerts their doing they are exhausting themselves" Topi nodded.

"I wish they would just take a moment to themselves and relax" Em sighed.

It had been several days since the girls played the trick on hobi and both of them had not done alot besides wander around going from following the men around to looking and admiring the places they went.

. . .

It was rare that they didn't follow the men but instead stayed in the apartment and chill.

"Hey Em, do you even know what we're doing here? Did either of us date them? I mean why are we following them around?" Topi asked

Em just shrugged.

"Could be you had this secret relationship with that short boy-"


"Yea him, and so when you met him in secret someone took a picture of you and spread it all over seoul. Next thing you know-"

Em ran a finger across her neck.

"Some jealous fan offed you in an alley" She ended.

"Well why are you dead with me then?" Topi raised a brow

"Oh thats the twist . . . I was the one to be jealous. I tried to run away from the scene but I fell down the stairs and broke my neck" Em said with a straight face.

It took a split second and then Topi was laughing. Em joined her a second later at the random story she made up.

"Where did you get that idea from?" Topi questioned between laughs.

"I watched a murder mystery next to yoongi last night" Em said.

"Damn. You gotta stop. That was  to dark of humor" topi was calming down.

"Seriously tho, how did wr end up haunting them?  Omg did we live here first?" Topi exclaimed.

"You know I have no idea" em shrugged. It hadnt dawned on her for a while what was actually happening to them, what the reason was they were doing here, not just here following this group of guys, but in general still on this plane of life.

There was a creak of a door opening and the girls both turned to the door as a line of men filed in to the room.

"Im not sure what we can do besides pray they get better" Jin made a remark as they entered.

"We are already chipping in on the hospital bills and visiting them" Namjoon sighed. "But if they dont pull through in the next month the chances slim down that they will ever wake up" he added.

"This is depressing" yoongi said as he made his way to his room.

" where are you going?" Namjoon asked.

"Got inspired" yoongi said as he continued to walk away.

Tae was about to follow yoongi but kookie stopped him.

"Just let him do his thing Tae" Kookie shook his head.

"Fine. But Im going to my room now" Tae said pushing the hand on him away. He stormed away leaving everyone else watching.

"Its getting to him" Jin said.

"No that friend of theirs got to him" Hobi spoke up.

"What did she say? I didnt think it was anything upsetting" Jimin said flopping down on the couch.

Namjoon sat next to him.

"She put a lot of pressure on us. She said that the 3 of them were so excited to go to the concert and it was a dream that they got so close up to us, if the one memory they remember was seeing their idols performing on stage and able to see how much we love our fans and enjoy being on stage then they were in a happy place right now" Namjoon repeated what she had said

 "OOH" There was a collective noise as the others took a seat.

"Shit" kookie said. "Thats deep and kind of sad"

"How is it sad?" Jimin questioned.

"Cause even she thinks they arent going to pull through" hobi said.

"Shit" Jimins eyes widened with that one word.

"Well she is trying to cope with her 2 friends in the hospital not recovering" Jin said.

"This sounds like a serious conversation" Topi whispered to Em.

"Im dying to know who is in the hospital.  This is turning into a real drama!" Em's green eyes were sparkling with excitement.

"Do you think that they will make it and wake up to meet their idols? I mean I would be so excited if I woke up to see Daehyun in my

Line of vision" Em batted her eyelashes.

"You big baby" Topi smacked her arm, then smacked her arm again a little harder. "Holy crap Emerald your a baby Im an Army how did I forget that!" Topi was extremely excited about that.

"Oh wow, your right.  That was an instinctive answers we just gave.  Does that mean that we were stalking bts for you and thats how we bit the dust?" Em's eyes widened.

"A stampede!"  She exclaimed.

"A crap load of armies trampled us to get to them and we were knocked out" Topi continued.

 "If we just didnt give in and get so close to them we would have been alive now" Em added.

The idea swirled around in their minds for a moment and then they laughed.

"Nay that wouldn't happen " Topi said chuckling.

"See its fun coming up with random scenerios " Em said.

"It is." Topi chuckled. "  How about we watch this drama instead? What they are going to do next and what this mystery is they keep going to the hospital for?"

"Me me I wanna watch that unfold" Em raised her hand in the air.

"Okay so for now lets get some shut eye, we have another concert tonight and at the end of the week we'll go back to the hospital to check on them again." Namjoon said.

"Maybe take the friend out to eat. One of the nurses mentioned how she waa coming in daily and not eating for hours" Hobi said.

"I could make some food to take to her at the hospital" Jin chipped in.

"Thats very kind of you Jin"Namjoon said clapping a hand on his friends shoulder. 

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