Why Mexico Is Streaming BTS All Day Today

A few hours ago there was the final game in this round of the World Cup.

Sweden beat Mexico, which meant that the only way Mexico could go to the next round was for Korea to beat Germany.

Easy, right?

Well...Germany won the World Cup last year and Korea already lost to Sweden and weren't going to advance anyway so the chances were super slim.

Until the last few minutes.

When Korea scored 2 goals.

They beat Germany 2-0 (the only Asian team to ever do that!) and as a result, Mexico moved on!

Mexican football fans were so happy that in order to "thank" Korea for their second chance at victory, the radio stations were streaming BTS all day and their songs went up in the ranking a ton!

I love how BTS = Korea now XD

Kpop ・ BTS(Kpop)
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