Updated Pentagon Mod Team

Hello everyone! We recently had a long-time member of our team leave Vingle so we re-arranged who represents who!

But before I introduce them I'd like to say goodbye to my long term friend@MaeLyn since she is unfortunately leaving Vingle. I'll miss you on here but you and I will always be best friends!

Now onto who's representing who: (this is subject to change at any time)

In charge of Hui, E'Dawn, and Yanan is: @awkwardjazzy

In charge of Wooseok, Yuto, Shinwon, and Yeo One is: @MelissaGarza

In charge of Jinho, Kino, and Hongseok is: Me


I hope you continue to enjoy our posts!


Gorilla Mod Squad:


Universe Taglist:


Please let us know if you'd like to be tagged or untagged!

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