Cute Taehyung Pics

Ah, Tae.. My first bias when I first started liking BTS. I FEEL SO BAD FOR REPLACING V WITH SUGA BECAUSE HE'S SUCH A CUTIE! His voice is beautiful (HE CAN SING), he has such a cute face, and he's just great! I love Taehyung so much. V, you may no longer be my bias, but you will always bias wreck me whenever I see you. You will always stay in my heart. You've been my guy since Day 1. You and the boys keep up the great work. :3

Hi, I'm Mysia. I am into BTS, Got7, SHINee, TXT, Monsta X, EXO, and particularly BIGBANG. My BTS biases are Suga and Jungkook My BTS bias wreakers are Jimin and V. My Got7 bias is Youngjae My Got7 bias wreaker is JB and the rest of them. My SHINee bias is Key. My SHINee bias wreaker is Jonghyun and the rest of them. I'm still not sure about TXT, Monsta X, or BIGBANG. Please tell me if there are any groups you think I should like. :) My BFFL is Kaylyn. Please follow her at @BTSlover14 and @BoyGroupKpop
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