This is what we all waiting for: Queen In Hyun’s Man’ to Officially Release DVD

To console the fans who were agnonzing over the end of tvN’s Queen In Hyun’s Man, tvN decided to release a special DVD of the drama, including never-before seen footage. On June 9, tvN, who produced Queen In Hyun’s Man told enews, “After ending on June 7, Queen In Hyun’s Man will be released on DVD.” “In reply to the large support from views,” the drama’s director Kim Young Gyu said, “we are currently in the process of making a DVD for the drama with unseen footage.” He added, “It is a very rare event for the DVD to begin being produced before the series even ended. It’s even more special as it will become the first tvN drama to be sold on DVD. We quickly decided to release the drama on DVD as a special present to the fans. If things run smoothly, the DVD will be released as early as August.” In the Director’s Cut of Queen In Hyun’s Man, episodes one through 16 will be included, as well as unseen footage from the production. There will be new scenes that were not shown during the broadcast along with re-edited scenes and commentaries from the director, writer, and cast. Also, the actual script of episode 15, written by Song Jae Jung, who has been largely praised for her tight romance story, will be included. As the DVD production was decided on the fans’ unending requests, fans are already scurrying to pre-order the DVD on the drama’s official website. For information on how to request a DVD, visit Meanwhile, the 16-episode production is about the relationship between Joseon scholar, Kim Boong Do (Ji Hyun Woo) and a rookie actress, Choi Hee Jin (Yoo In Na). The fantasy romance drama introduced a new genre of time-slip and has received many praises with Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na’s excellent portrayals of their characters. With popularity in both internet searches and rankings, the drama was complimented for its constantly rising ratings as well as the production value. To add to the fandom, Ji Hyun Woo made a surprise confession to Yoo In Na at a fan meeting following the last episode broadcast, gathering a lot of interest. source: ~~~~ and let me add more. They spotted to have a stroll in the park late at night. then, Yoo In Na confirm her feeling and relationship regarding Ji Hyun Woo in her Radio Program ~~~~ Now, this is the first time, i really really really really want the DVD
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