4 Songs My Non-Kpop Fan Sister Loves

So my little sister isn't a k-pop fan but like...I listen to it all the time so she's bound to hear a song or two. These 4 songs are one's she's loved.

1) BTS - Fake Love

I will often hear her singing the chorus part to Fake Love. If I'm listening to k-pop in the car she prefers to listen to Fake Love over any other song.

2) Lim Kim - Awoo

This is the only k-pop song she's ever downloaded. It's her favorite.

3) Pentagon - Shine

She knows the dance from the chorus so she often dances to it. She hums along to the chorus as well.

4) Topp Dogg - Say It

She said this one was a jam as well.


Do you guys have any non-kpop fan siblings?


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