In This Forever (34)

Family & Friends Can Be More Cruel Than The World

Sehun watched Nari from the door as she rummaged through JaeHun’s bag.

“Damn, where did it go?” She said. She went to the crib and felt around. She got down on the floor, looking under the bed. Her phone went off. She quickly looked at it, “About time…next time, don't take so long.” she texted back.  

“Who are you texting?” Sehun asked. He stepped in and closed the door behind him.

Nari jumped, her eyes wide, staring up at him.

“Sehun-ssi… you scared me.” She laughed, picking herself up off the floor, “I was looking for baby JaeHun's bottle.”

“That's not what I asked… Who were you texting?”

“A friend from work but that's not really any of your business… well sort of. Since I'll be here with the baby for a couple days, I had to let my boss know. He just answered back.”

It sounded like the truth, Sehun wanted to believe her but he couldn't right now.

“What did she say to you?” He asked.

“What? My boss is a guy and he said that it was okay…”

Sehun stepped up to her, looking down at her past his nose, “What did my wife tell you?” he said a calm controlled low voice.

His deep voice made her tremble.

Nari looked away. “I~~~ don't know what you're talking about.” She pushed past him.

“Why does Huang ZiTao have her?” He asked.

She was almost out of the room but that stopped her. Someone told him.

“Who told you? Was it Chen? Xiumin?.... Lay. Lay told you.”

His eyebrows furrowed.

Nari backed down, she took a deep breath, “I'm sorry. I promised her I wouldn't say anything. I promised her I would look after the baby until she came back and she Does plan on coming back. But she needs to keep the baby and you as far away from her as possible.”

The door opened. Xiumin came in looking at the both of them, “Tell him everything she said.”

“What did she say?!” Sehun demanded.

Nari got scared, “She was kidnapped.”

“By who? How does Tao fit into all this?”

Nari spoke fast, trying not to stutter, giving a shortened version of what Jae had said, “Her stepfather. She said he had gotten into some trouble, his friend helped him, he tried to repay him but his son had other ideas. So her stepfather had her taken back to China to marry her to his friend's son… Huang ZiTao.”

Sehun felt the room spin and his world flip upside down, “What... What the fucking hell!“ he yelled.

“It's the same thing she told Jongdae.” Xiumin said calmly. “It's been burning him up ever since he caught her. He tried to drag her back here but she wouldn't let him. So don't be too mad at him, Sehun-ah, he wanted to tell you but I told him not to. I probably wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen what I saw that morning.”

“Who Else knows? Why are you guys helping her? Huh? I don't understand. Why…why would you do this to me?” Sehun asked.

He felt sick to his stomach. He felt stabbed in the back. He hunched over because he swore he felt everything starting to come up. His body turn inside out as the room went dark.

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