Kim Yu-na Wows Shanghai with Cross-Dressing Ice Show

Olympic figure skating champion Kim Yu-na captivated 15,000 audiences with her artistic skating and beautiful movements in the ice show "Artistry on Ice" in Shanghai on Sunday. Kim, who appeared in the show's grand finale, following performances by other world class skaters from Canada, Russia and the U.S., cast a magic spell on the Chinese audience in China's financial hub with her gala programs to Michael Buble's "All of Me" and Adele's "Someone Like You." Taking into consideration the Chinese' love of red, Kim wore red attire. In another program, she appeared on the ice dressed like a man in a black suit, tie and hat, and showed off a different side to her usual feminine grace. "Artistry on Ice" was held to celebrate the retirement of Olympic pairs champions Zhao Hongbo and his partner and wife, Shen Xue. Kim reportedly decided to participate in the show after repeated requests from the couple.

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